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Happy Birthday to the Silver Fox

I think next year for Christmas, I am going to go easy on the number of gifts for each kid. How do you do that though when your kiddos already have these high expectations of what they will receive? Well – I like the suggestions more »

Resolution Follow Up: Get Moving

It’s a great day isn’t it? It’s Friday, many of us have Monday off — the weather in Northern VA isn’t too shabby. Life is pretty good right now, right this second, day. What are you doing to kick off your day? It’s the 13th more »

Cure By Design – American Cancer Society Event June 18, 2011

Scotty is going to be a cancer survivor model in this Cure By Design Event and I am of course going to be there to root him on. The tickets are a bit on the pricey side but it’s for a great cause and should more »

Cancer Sucks

The journey is the reward – Chinese Proverb Today I am trying an evening class at Crossfit Impavidus to mix things up a bit so I slept in and will head there for the 730p class. I haven’t spoken much about our cancer journey lately more »

Today is World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day My husband and our family continue our fight against colon cancer — 6 months away from being officially ‘in remission. In our minds and in the course of our daily lives, we have already beat this horrible disease, that does not mean more »

Happy Birthday Scotty!

40 is the new 30 Today is a special day — 40 years ago, a great man was brought into this world. That great man is: Scotty Hoaglund I am the luckiest lady in the world that I met him 15+ years ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY more »

Cancer Survivor Beauty And Support Day is Today!

Cancer Survivor Beauty And Support Day Hats off to my husband/Cancer Survivor/Fighter/Hero – Scotty – 7 more months will bring it to 3 years since surgery and and we can call it REMISSION! And to everyone else out there who is battling and fighting everyday. more »

Was this written by Scotty?

Thanks to my sister, Connie for sending me the article.post below from MSNBC. My family knows the high regard Star Wars has in my home. When I first met Scotty, it was something that everyone knew about Scotty – he liked Star Wars. I wouldn’t more »

A Father’s Day reflection

A man’s worth is measured by how he parents his children. What he gives them, what he keeps away from them, the lessons he teaches and the lessons he allows them to learn on their own. ~Lisa Rogers I wanted to reflect for a min more »

12 years strong

12 years ago today, I married one of the greatest people I have ever met. We met at Aol. in Tucson, Arizona and from our first date on – we knew we would be together forever. I truly believe that when you find your perfect more »