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Safeway’s Simple Nutrition Shelf Tags – A Review


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Safeway to do a review of their new healthy options label system they were rolling out in their stores.  In their words: Safeway understands that shoppers want to make better nutrition for themselves and their families. But they also understand reading nutrition labels and wading through all the different sources of nutrition information can be time consuming and confusing. Fortunately, SimpleNutrition is here to help! SimpleNutrition is a new ‘at the shelf’ program that simplifies and personalizes grocery shopping so you feel confident about making informed food choices.

They offered me a gift card as a thank you for taking the time to visit their store and give my honest thoughts about it. Other than knowing there was a new label system they were using, I didn’t find out any more information, thinking it would be a better experience to go in ‘blindly’ and see if I could figure it out. Also, I am not familiar with this particular Safeway either, so it was a double blind experience. Here are my thoughts —

Here’s the Safeway in Ashburn, VA that I visited on a Friday late afternoon.  I walked into the store and headed to the produce area –which coincidentally, seems to be in the front of every grocery store if you haven’t noticed before. Anyone know why? Hmmm…

As I was going through the produce area, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary in terms of labels of the food.  Looked completely regular to me — so I headed on down a few aisles, again, nothing stuck out. I was beginning to think that maybe this particular Safeway was not using the new label system. So as I pushed the cart down a few more aisles and went to the frozen food section.

Now that my son, Nate is eating gluten free foods, I have had to become familiar with frozen breakfast items that he can eat and figured, maybe I will see these new healthy option labels there.  What I saw was a clearly marked ‘Organic’ label which I thought was great, but hardly a stand out. (See picture to the right)

I continued on through the aisle and came upon them – FINALLY! They look like little tabs hanging off the edge & right below the food item. They color-coded them along with its related word.  I saw Organic, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, All Natural & More! Once I got the hang of it and noticed them – I realized how much help they really were.  It helped me quickly identify the gluten-free items instead of having to look through and carefully make sure that the product I am getting is indeed what I think it is.

What I have been finding is that many brands have a healthy, organic version AND a healthy, organic but Gluten free option and other than a small little label on it – that says it’s Gluten Free, it’s hard to tell. This really did make it easy!

As I said, once I noticed them – that’s how I finished my shopping trip. Looking for these little tabs all over the store. They were up and down the rice & pasta aisle and I was able to find them in the frozen food area. I was able to scan this wall of mac & cheese options and find the ones that are gluten free quickly and easily.  That made me very very very happy!

The way this Safeway is laid out – the healthier options are integrated with all of the food — so I can see how these labels would really help shoppers quickly identify healthier options. Even the lower sodium spaghetti sauce had a healthy options label to help you find it easier.

So what are my overall thoughts about Safeway Simple Nutrition Shelf Tags?  Anything that helps people make better nutrition choices for themselves and their families is a step in the right direction in my book! I really liked how these tags stood out and were very readable.  So, for those shoppers already looking for healthier options — this makes it easy. One wish?  I wish it had the magic power to convince people to make a conscience choice to buy them…..


Please know that although Safeway did provide me with gift cards to thank me for my time, the opinions shared above are my own & were in no way influenced by them. They did not encourage me to write any particular review of my experience.


Car full of Groceries from Safeway!

Gear: No-sweat holiday gifts for serious athletes


via Gear: No-sweat holiday gifts for serious athletes

Need ideas for the athlete in your life? Take a look at some of these suggestions —

The serious athlete is a picky fellow or gal, normally quite unwilling to delegate the critical task of shopping for high-tech training gadgets to mere holiday well-wishers. But the stuff here is disappointment-proof — compact, functional, not prohibitively expensive and, best of all, so new that it will impress any recipient’s hard-core buddies.

Groupon Deal of the Day: Nordstrom Rack


Have you bought anything from those Group Deal sites yet?

I have and havent been disappointed yet. Here is a good one today for Nordstrom Rack:

$25 for $50 Worth of Shoes, Apparel, and More at Nordstrom Rack

Here is the fine print:

# Limit 1 per person

# Good for $50 value of merchandise ($25 customer Paid For value plus $25 Add-On Offer value)

# Add-On Offer Value EXPIRES ON* December 31, 2010 ($25 customer Paid For value never expires)

# Add-On Offer Value is valid from November 19, 2010-December 31, 2010

# May not be redeemed for cash except as required by law.

# Valid only at Nordstrom Rack locations

# Offer may not be used as payment on account

# Will not be replaced if lost or stolen

# Must be used in a single transaction and surrendered in store at time of merchandise purchase

# May not be used to purchase Nordstrom Gift Cards

# Value of merchandise purchased must be at least $50, or remaining balance will be forfeited

# Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, promotions or with a Nordstrom employee discount

# Offer not valid in Nordstrom Stores, Last Chance, or by phone

# No adjustments on previous purchases

# Not reloadable

via Nordstrom Rack Complete Terms and Conditions.

Gap Flash Sale 40% Today


Today only, GAP is having a 40% off sale!

This Saturday only save 40% off the entire store, including sale merchandise. All existing Gap, BR or Old Navy card members will receive 45% off when they use their Gap, BR or Old Navy Credit Card.

To save 40% just mention FLASH40 at the register. Mention FLASH45 if you have a Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy Credit Card.

Offer valid at Gap Stores in the U.S. and Canada Only. Not valid at Outlet/Factory stores or No adjustments on previous purchases. Not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy Credit Card must be used to receive 45% off. Cannot be combined with any all other promotions or MPC discounts.

Online Buyers Beware! Gap – Price Difference


Online Shopping | Gap | Price Difference.

Online Shoppers Beware! Has A Sneaky Online Price Mark-Up

Last week I told you all about my hunt to get my daughter this great shearling coat I saw in my local Gap store. The short version of the story is they didn’t have the coat in her size anywhere in N.Y.C. so I had my mom get it for me from a Gap store by her…two states away.

Well, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just order it online. Here’s why:

The jacket is $59.50 if you buy it in a Gap store, but if you buy it online it’s $64.50.

I know, I know, it’s only a $5 price difference, but it infuriates me that Gap is selling the exact same coat for $5 more on their website. Add shipping to that and it’s a $12 mark-up just for shopping online. What gives?

And just to be sure it wasn’t just this coat, I did some research. I bought my daughter the cable knit hat for $16.50 in a Gap store.

If you buy it online, you’ll spend $24.50 for it. That’s an $8 difference for the exact same hat.

Of course, because I can be a little maniacal about my online shopping, I emailed Gap’s customer service to see why the jacket was more online and it they would honor the lower price offered in stores. 2 days later I got a horrible response about not being able to sell me the coat at the lower price with no explanation for why it was more expensive online. They also offered me a 10% off discount, which never came but that’s another story.

So a word to all you smart shoppers out there–go to your Gap store first! is a total rip-off because they’re selling the exact same merchandise for $5-$10 more than in the stores. Maybe they thought no one would notice because of the whole logo controversy, but we’re smarter than you think Gap.

10 Ways to Save Money on Food Shopping


10 Ways to Save Money on Food Shopping.

You can definitely eat healthy and not spend a fortune. Cheap processed food is everywhere which makes it hard to avoid. In my opinion, it is also the root of many of the health and obesity problems today.  I have previously highlighted some ways to eat healthy affordably –here is another article with some ideas —

We’re paying more these days not only at the gas pump but also at the grocery store. Blame it on rising oil prices, disappointing crop yields, global warming, and/or the weak dollar. Robert Earl, director of nutrition policy for the Grocery Manufacturer Association, says there are many factors affecting food prices.

What it all means is that shoppers are looking for ways to save money when they’re food shopping without sacrificing nutrition. WebMD asked some experts for tips and strategies on saving money on your grocery bill while still eating healthfully.

Nordstrom Uses Web to Locate Items and Increase Sales


Nordstrom Uses Web to Locate Items and Increase Sales –

I love Nordstrom and its customer focused philosophy. And it shows that by focusing on what the customer actually wants, not what you THINK they want is a win/win situation.

Wal-Mart hoped that deeper cuts in its standard rollbacks would be a draw, but then said the prices went too low. At Saks, perhaps customers would go for designer labels if the lines offered less-expensive items. And for Macy’s, how about inexpensive clothes by Madonna?

The secret, at least for Nordstrom, has not involved a piercing insight into a customer’s mind. Rather, it has changed the way that it handles, of all things, inventory. And that has brought the department store more success in improving sales than at most of its competitors, whose recent reports signaled that their consumers were still cautious.

Eating Well on a Budget


From Underground Wellness:

Reflections on Letting Yourself Go


Sometimes when I am driving to work or out doing an errand – I will randomly notice other women that look to be close to may age. Some of them look great – while others, well they don’t look their best. In some cases, it looks like they have given up any sense of self. They don’t put themselves together, take a few minutes each day to tidy themselves up. I am not talking about full on glamour, but more than just wake up and put on the first pair of sweats you find on the floor. It really doesn’t take that much to do. I think the way you look says a lot about the way you feel about yourself in many ways.  So when I came across this on Piperline’s Facebook, I loved what it was saying- I used to not put a lot of thought into how I dress – then I found my passion and started to see the results of taking care of myself and part of that is looking my best.

I’m not talking about spending a fortune or having enough shoes to rival Imelda. I am talking about buying a few things that make you feel great, are comfortable and fit well.  A great pair of jeans can be found relatively inexpensively and for most of us, nothing is more comfy than that.  A great shoe – Target has some great ones to choose from. Just a few things that says to anyone around you – I do give a damn about me.

And if your reason is because you have gained weight or don’t like something about yourself — do something about it. If it bothers you that much, either learn to accept it or change it. To sit there stagnant is not the right thing to do. My heart sinks for some of the ladies I see out there – I am not talking about one certain kind of body type either. Fat, thin, skinny, tall, short – everyone can take a few minutes before they head out and fix themselves.  So why not start tomorrow?

Great Deals for some spring updating…


The Gap is offering a Give and Get offer this weekend!  One of the ladies from my boot camp family, Susie, is the store manager over at Tyson’s Gap. Head over there this weekend to take advantage of the great deals!

You will get 30% off during their Friends & Family event.

get the coupon for the Gap Friends & Family Event here.

And for those parents with teens:

Aeropostale is also offering Friends & Family 30% off this weekend. Print out this coupon!

Teens: Get Real! Aeropostale seeks fresh faces from all over the USA for a new ad campaign celebrating “everyday” teens. Kids ages 13-19 can share what it means to them to be “real teens” in their contest submission, then gather votes from their peers during the Real Teens 2010 Contest. Semi-finalists move on to a second round (judged by industry pros and celebrities) where eight finalists are selected to win $5,000 college scholarships and the chance to be featured in the upcoming ad campaign. Enter by 4/ 5

Fun stuff happening around our area this weekend received from a great AOL newsletter that I get weekly:

SAT 3/20 Kite Festival Gunston Hall’s Kite Festival is a family favorite. Bring a kite or buy one at the Museum Shop to fly in the pasture. A puppet show, hands-on activities, exploration of a modern-day fire truck, and costumed characters round out the day. Bring lunch and a blanket for a picnic on the grounds; food service is also available. Adults $10; Children (6-18) $6, (2-5) $2, (under 2) free; Families (up to 2 adults and 3 children) $25
SAT 3/20 Family Day: Kites of Asia Families are invited to celebrate the beauty and tradition of kites from across Asia, experience the artistry of indoor kite flying, make their own kites, and learn about Tibetan kite making and culture. 10am-3pm

SUN 3/21 Peeps Family Day Families can drop by for Peeps-themed games, Peeps and art supplies for kids to make their own mini-dioramas, and a chance to view many of the top entries in the Peeps Diorama contest. 11:30am-2pm

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