EIO, Michael and 'The Judge'

So as tired as I was from going out last night – and as hard as my little internal monster voice tried to talk me out of going to group training this morning – I went. My ‘other’ voice said “it’s only one hour – you don’t have to work today – you can take a nap and boot camp is off all next week — so get your butt up, dress warmly and head out the door”. I know by now that once I am in that car and then warmed up – I will get thru the workout and feel so much better overall.  Although now that I am home – I am pretty sore so the feel better overall can be debated…

We did some shoulder work this morning including doing some max rep work. My shoulders have said Enough already! And part of the ending workout included yet again running outside — it’s sub 30′ outside. No workout should include that during the winter in Northern Virginia. It’s just not right.  And I am not complaining but a girl with asthma should not be running outside so much in the winter — my lungs and throat are on fire from yesterday’s half mile run with that cold wind so today’s run was not a welcome sight.

Michael, my trainer did something amazing today. He dead lifted 405lbs! We were talking about dead lifts and how my back was hurting from Thursday’s workout which had us doing 135lb DLs. He said you haven’t done a DLuntil you do over 200lbs – which some of the amazing ladies have done! So at the end of training today, he set it up and did 405lbs! Pretty frickin amazing — Great Job Mikey!

So I am back from group training, sore as all heck – wishing I could crawl back into bed – which I may do later today — Here’s to a great Christmas Eve — and an even better Christmas to all those that celebrate!