Great day at CrossFit Impavidus. A ton of new people showed up and although it was a crazy workout – it all worked out in the end.

sampson stretch
10 OH Squats
10 Pass Thrus
Hollow Rockets

20 AMRAP (10 min split w/ teams)
Tire Flip – rest
Pull ups – rest
DB Snatch 20lbs – rest
burpees – rest

sled drags- rest
pull ups – rest
wall ball squats – rest
jump rope – rest

The team structure posed a bit of an issue — caused some chaos and I think I missed a few rounds but overall it was fun. We had to flip gigantic truck tires — and I have no idea how much those weigh but we didn’t have a partner so it was on our own.

Then I worked on my kips again with my new pal – Sven and then did a few cartwheels. That’s the fun of CrossFit really. Where else do you get to do this kinda stuff – it’s like gym time for adults. It gets you out of the gym rut, and into being a kid again.

This is not exactly what we did today but it gives you an idea of the tire flipping: