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Checkpoint Push ups


I wasnt feeling so hot this morning because I didn’t sleep so well. Kept waking up and tossing and turning. Not sure what thats all about — normally I sleep like a baby. I wonder if it’s part of my gluten detox.

Today at boot camp, Mikey lowered the weights on the hang snatch squat from 65lb to 45lb standard and what a difference that made.  I often feel at camp that the weights are too heavy for me. When they are too heavy, I tend to stop and restart over and over again instead of constantly moving.  I always wear a HR monitor and I noticed the higher the weights I use for certain movements, the less calories I burn. I am torn by this because on one hand I know I am building muscle, but on the other hand I want to burn calories and the lower the weight, the more reps I can do, the more cals I burn. I am not talking about a light weight either. Just lighter than what he tends to give me.  A 45lb hang snatch squat is not easy but its a hella lot easier than 65lb one!

Click on the link to see step by step instructions on how to do a hang snatch squat.

Checkpoint Push Up

One exercise we did today that you can try easily at the local gym or even at home is a Checkpoint push up. I used 25lb dbs but you could even forgo the dumbbells if you are just starting out.

1 Jump down into a push up position

2 Spread your legs

3 Bring them together again

4 Do a push up while holding onto the dbs if you use them,

5 On the way up — grab them and stand up

and do it again, and again and again….

Using the BOSU


I have been fighting a bug the last few days and it has not been fun. Extreme fatigue, no appetite, bad stomach — I start to feel better, resume ‘life’ and it comes back. With that being said – I did head to workout this AM but it was not my best performance — I was telling a friend this morning that getting up and out of the house that early, you don’t even have time to evaluate whether you are feeling better or not. You are still sleepy and for some, they are probably sleepwalking — It’s only after you are done with the workout, driving home do you realize that perhaps you should have taken an extra rest day.

Part of the workout today involved using the BOSU. Using the BOSU can really enhance your workout and get your HR up. Try jumping on and off of it, crossing over with one leg always on it, & turn it over and do push ups with some instability – do each of those for 1m 2 rounds — you got yourself a good warm up.

I have also been working on hang clean/snatch squats. Yesterday we had to do a bunch with a 65lb barbell — today, we used 45lb. It’s a tough exercise for anyone -partly bc of the weight but also because its about timing and form.   But you know  — how cool is it that a bunch of chicks are learning Olympic style lifting techniques?

Power Snatch Practice Session


One of my friends made one of my favorite cookies on Friday night and sent me home with some — big mistake! One bite and it’s like a drug — it turned into probably 6 and maybe even more cookies in the span of 5 minutes. I couldn’t help myself. That was basically my lunch yesterday — and in the spirit of sharing honestly, I was sick this morning because of it.  Having been gluten free with the exception of a bite or 2 here or there for about almost 2 months — my stomach was not prepared nor happy about the gluten assault I thrust upon it.  And it let me know — eating those cookies was so not worth the revenge the next day.

A special Plumbline Training essentials class on Power Snatch technique was on tap for my mid morning workout today —

It’s an advanced move and I have been struggling with it for a while. We started off practicing different stages and forms of snatch with a wood dowel, then progressed to a 15lb barbell, and ended with a 45lb barbell.  We did a good ole snatch, hang clean snatch, and finally power snatch. My shoulders and legs are aching from holding the position for extended periods of time trying to get used to the feeling of it –and at one point Michael had us close our eyes and squat into it so we could remember and feel the movement.  We progressed over the course of 45 mins —

PT station
15 min time limit
power snatch 45lb
push ups x2
Shoulder Shrug 45lb
Straddle hop squat x2
Finish time: 12:54 (I think!)

It’s not a holiday for your body workout!


Even though its a holiday – there is no holiday for your body so of course I got up and headed to my 545A workout! It was a good one and I am glad I went! I have been dealing with a pulled/over stretched muscle in my left bicep area so I made sure that I warmed up my arms before doing the snatches!

rockette kicks
back walking lunge

hip extention jumps
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

100m,200m run
hang snatch 65lbs
PSUs x2
power clean press x 2 20lb db
30 tabatas

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