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Blizzard 2016: Storm Jonas


Mother Nature


Its it’s the historic storm of 2016…Jonas. I am sitting in my house with about 26 inches on the ground and it hasn’t let up. I love when Mother Nature exerts her power and we all are forced to slow down. I wonder how challenging it is for those of us so used to going at life full steam. We are literally snowed in…


Jonas snow storm


For those not enjoying storm Jonas, you are missing out on life’s reminder that we are powerless against Mother Nature.


Oh Snow!


snow day 2013This was the beginning of the snow storm this morning around 7A – it hadn’t even been snowing for an hour when I took this pic. When I headed to the gym before 6A,  there was no snow but we are gearing up for around 6 inches if you believe the weatherman’s forecast.

After the workout this AM – Coach Dan  & I were talking about stuff and he told me to start subscribing to the Ultra Wellness YouTube channel for some info about overall health and wellness.

UltraWellness TV is a weekly audio and video podcast by Mark Hyman, M.D., the leader of an emerging medical field called functional medicine. If you have faced chronic illness, struggling to overcome weight issues, have lack of energy, problems sleeping, bad skin or any other health issues, then you will want to listen in to find out how you too can achieve UltraWellness – your key to lifelong vibrant health and vitality. UltraWellness promises to help you fix the core underlying health problems for good instead of simply dealing with the symptoms of those problems as other medical approaches do.  

Here’s one of Dr. Hyman’s videos: The 7 Keys to UltraWellness

We were also talking about supplements and what he recommends taking. He mentioned researching Moringa and also Nature’s Plus Vitamin C Micro-Crystal – to add to my overall plan. I have been bad at remembering to take fish oil and magnesium regularly but need to get back on the wagon. I know they make a huge difference in how I feel and my overall recovery time.  Would have, should have, could have…

Vote for 2013 Best of Loudoun Including HighBar CrossFit 

If you have time and are willing – Highbar CrossFit has changed my life for the better — I would appreciate if you could take a moment and vote for them for best fitness center/gym – if you don’t see them listed, write them in!!

They are a first year small business and could use the help getting the word out about their gym…

Here’s the direct link to vote: of loudoun 2013

Recommended Reading

Kindness Matters

Paul Rudd and One Direction


Snow in Northern VA Just a normal weekend that ended with our first snowfall of the season.

I did my normal 9A workout on Saturday – deadlifts and then a WOD that just about killed me.  Mid-way through, Coach Bobby realized he had the WOD wrong!!

We were told it was:
6 Rounds

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 4 DB Snatch/each arm
  • 3 box jumps
  • 2 man makers
  • 1 TGU/each side

–rest 2 mins–
6 more rounds!
Well it was supposed to be –2/6min AMRAPS 

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 4 DB Snatch/each arm
  • 3 box jumps
  • 2 man makers
  • 1 TGU/each side

Once he realized it, he modified the WOD to 5 rounds/2m rest/3 rounds. It was brutal!!

Today wasn’t much better, although I can absolutely see progress on my cleans!! Yahoo.
Strength: cleans
KB swings
–1min rest–
3min wall sits

You know it’s tough when Coach Randy says, I thought about you when I wrote this one up because of he knows burpees kill me. I needed quite a few puffs of my inhaler after this workout.

I have to share this SNL video from this weekend hosted by Paul Rudd and One Direction. I am a mom of a tween, so I know all about 1D. I am a fan of them myself, but what i love about this video is Paul Rudd. He really commits to his comedy and gives it his all. This SNL short is just hilarious!!!

Back Squats


Headed to Crossfit Impavidus this morning. CFI is closer and the class starts 15 mins later than my old camp so I get to sleep in a bit more and still get home at the same time. That’s a win in my book —

Today was strength day: Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3. What this means is you work your way up to doing the back squat with your max weight  for 5 rounds/3 reps each round.  Because we just started with this group — we started off too light. I couldn’t remember what my max weight was so I started off with 95lbs, which was way too light.  Then I moved up to 135lb, then 165lb then ended with a max of 195lb. Now 195lb was tough — but it wasn’t impossible so I know that is not my max weight. Next time we do this strength WOD – I will start off in the 180lb range —

We use this website called to track our WODs and progress – so after a workout, I come home and log it and the next time we do that back squat workout, I have a benchmark to compare it to. Pretty cool.

Another snow day for the kiddos. This is now 3 snow days in a row, plus Hannah was out Friday and Monday so she has not seen the inside of her school bldg in a week! These kids need to get their butts to school already. We all need the break from one another!

Wake up to a Hang Snatch


Woke up at 5a as usual this AM and we had about 9in on the ground. I had shoveled a bit last night so it was possible that I was going to be able to leave for boot camp this AM. Scotty told me that I shouldn’t consider it — the roads looked icy but crazy me decided to delay the workout and go to the 645A class.  Much to Scott’s chagrin, he got his snow crap on and both of us headed out to shovel the driveway. We had a snow dam at the end of the drive from the plow and that was what proved to be the toughest part. I don’t mind shoveling – it’s hard manual labor that makes for a good workout.

While we were shoveling, one of the neighbors was walking by (it’s 545a) and I said ‘What are you doing?‘. She told me she had to get to work and didn’t have time to shovel out the drive. So I said grab a shovel – let’s get this done and I will drive you to work. We finished in about 15m flat – we got in the car and she made it to work on time.  It’s about Teamwork!

When I got to boot camp -Kimmy was the only person who had showed up for the 545A class and it looked like i was going to be the lone camper for the 645A but 5m into the workout — Greg showed up and both of us did the camp together!

Today’s workout included hang snatches! Hang snatches are tough! Here’s a Crossfit Video showing you what they are:



Today is my rest day –and we got some snow so the kids are delayed by a few hours so we all slept in a bit. I did head over to Crossfit Impavidus last night before the snow got bad. It was a good workout —  we did a good solid warm up first, then reviewed squats and burpees and then did the WOD. The WOD was short — 2 4m sessions with one 2m rest period in between but it was hell –Here it is below but the catch is at the 30 sec mark, you hold the position for 10 secs.  For me, holding the squat was torture — and of course I am sore this AM.

Tabata Squat
2 min rest
Tabata Burpee
Score is the total amount of reps from your lowest round

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