Hi Friends,
I am participating in a special event here in Northern Virginia to raise money for the Special Olympics. As you all know –  2 years ago, I made changes in my life that has me focused on living a healthy and fit life! As part of my  change, I regularly participate in different activities and events that give back to the community. With my trainer- Michael Thrash – Plumbline Training – a group of 25 Plumbline followers will be pulling a plane at the18th Annual Dulles Plane Pull! www.dullesday.com to raise money for the Special Olympics. And while we have already reached our goal of $2500, this non-profit could always use more!  I would appreciate if you could offer your support to this great charity and support me as we show those other groups that Plumbline sets the bar!


I know many of you have causes you currently support so no pressure if you are not able  —

thank you!