Ahh Fall is in the air. Have I mentioned how much I love the cooler temperatures! Work is busy, home is busy, I am busy — it’s good all around. It’s funny how feelings can change so quickly. Leading up to school back in session, I was stressed out. I weathered the storm, and now am heading forward and things are manageable. Up and down, like a roller coaster. It’s called Life!

So the last month or so, our CrossFit early AM class has had a few teens in it. 16-18 year olds adding it to their off season sports training. It’s very humbling to see the young guys smokin us out of the water. Today, we ran a lot and one of the teens, Cameron, is 17 and he ran laps around us! Looked like he didn’t break a sweat. Oh to be young – although knowing how I was when I was his age, I couldn’t do a quarter of what he did. I love seeing them learn and really get into CrossFit. I am excited to see how it will help his wrestling season…

Today was all about the run — 800 m sprints. How in the heck can you sprint for 800m was the question I had!! No one answered me.


Dynamic stretching
High Knees
Bear Crawl
Run Backwards
Heel to Butt
Rockette Kicks


4 800m sprints
2m rest between rounds
times: 4m,10m,16:03m,22:06m

2m L-Sit Holds
2m Handstand Holds


As you can see, we do a lot of different stuff every day. I love doing the gymnastics, because it really forces you to learn to tighten and use your core. ¬†You have to have body awareness and be able to maintain mid-line stability in order to hold L-Sits and Handstands for any period of time. I am still using the wall for Handstands, but if I had someone to spot me, I would regularly try to do them solo because I think I am ready to not use the crutch — maybe I will try it with just a mat or something. Gotta fall a few times to get better. Practice makes Better as Coach Jerry says.

And thanks to the handstands today, I am now dizzy.