Since we had family in town this weekend, we officially moved Father’s Day to next Sunday in our house.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do — It was so fun to have my big brother here for the weekend. I love seeing my kids around their family since we don’t live near any — it’s really important that my kids get to establish relationships with them whenever they can. With 5 brothers and sisters, there are certainly a lot of relationships to work on.  And my Mom came as well and helped watch the kids while we went to the Cure By Design event in DC.

Cure By Design was so fun. It was the first year of this event here in DC, so not a huge crowd but a super nice group of people all coming together for a really great cause. So many stories — and seeing Scotty up there brought back a lot of memories of our treatment. People asked me how did we find out — when did it begin.  I don’t really talk about that stuff anymore — being 3 years out of it, so talking about was hard.  It definitely is fun to get all dressed up, gussied up and go to a fancy event in the Big City! Open bar, lots of hor d’ourves –and hanging out with Scott and my brother. Really fun event.

I’m still a bit worn out from last week’s brutal workouts. I definitely took yesterday off and because it was a celebration weekend of sorts, I did not eat all that well starting Friday evening through yesterday. I am going to once again re-focus because it may be in my head but I can feel the extra crap food on me. I don’t like that feeling…

20 Double Unders
10 Pass thrus
10 Ring Rows
10 Med Ball Cleans

False grip on rings

7 power squat cleans (80% bodyweight) 65#
7 Chest to bar pull ups (I did no band pull ups, working on my kip)
total: 5+ 7 squat cleans/5 pull ups