It was tougher to get up this morning than yesterday. Getting back into the swing of things is tougher day 2 because your body had no idea what was coming on day 1. Add in about 100 pull ups, some lunges from yesterday’s workout and you have the recipe for staying in bed.  That’s when training and commitment come in and you get up — the trick is to not talk to yourself when that alarm goes off.  I call that voice inside your head that talks you out of your early morning plans the ‘sleep monster’ and it will win 8 out of 10x.  That monster will talk you out of your workout plans and convince you that staying in your warm bed is the right thing to do.  So get everything ready the night before –workout clothes and all the extras – including your keys, water bottle, gloves, hat so you don’t have any delay — get up, get ready, and head out the door. It’s a routine and you can do it with your eyes closed which is where you can catch some extra ZZzzz’s.

Included in today’s workout- squat thrusts – 5 rounds of 20 reps!  Now the great thing about these is you need no equipment and it is a great exercise to get your HR up. Try a few at a fast pace and you will quickly understand what I am saying —

(this video shows squat thrusts first, then a burpee)