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Dynamic Effort Squatting


So today we worked on back box squats and every time we do it, someone asks me all about what benefit these have because it doesn’t feel like a strength day. Well technically it’s not but it has some major benefit to strength training:

Dynamic effort squatting utilizes a lighter load so that you can generate maximal speed and power when driving out of the hole.

You want to squat down onto a box that allows your hips to drop as low as, if not lower than, your knees. You are not sitting on the box for any length of time. Squat down, touch, and go! The concentric motion should be an explosive hip drive ofback squatsf the box back to the standing position.

jump rope
wall balls

dynamic back box squats


  • 12×2 Dynamic Back Box Squats (95,115,125,145….)
  • Tabata Sit ups 14,13×6, 12

Busy day today at work with a live workshop on Internet Photography tools to present and also a fun lunch where I am taste testing some meals from Power Supply. I do consulting for them in social media and marketing so part of the benefit of that is getting to be one of their ‘tasters’. How lucky am I?

Double Unders — Making some progress!


I'm so lucky to get to see this every morning...brings me so much joy.

I love those days when you just aren’t feeling your best and contemplated not going to your workout but you do and you have end up having a breakthrough! ¬†They come when you least expect it!

lap around both bldgs
21 push ups
15 pull ups

Handstand forward roll

50 Double Unders
75 Squats
18:26 R’xd

I am determined to not scale when DU’s show up on the board. I mentally just have to forget that I will come in DFL and realize that it’s because I am getting better. So the breakthrough? I was able to string 6+ DUs together! That is the most I have gotten EVER and boy I was winded. But the feeling of satisfaction I got from knowing that I was indeed improving was just the success I needed today.

I started regularly with CrossFit Impavidus at the beginning of February and the progress I have made in the almost 4 months since then is really amazing. DUs, Kipping Pull Ups, Hand Stands, CartWheels, Knees to Elbows, Deadlilfts… Goes to show you that sometimes we all need to shake things up, make some changes even when you have fears and doubts about it.

A few observations — I was really tired after Round 1 and that’s when the DU’s started to string together. I think because I was so tired – I let go, relaxed a bit — and there you go. It’s something about not being able to be in control. I am going to try this theory out with pull ups too. I get so tired that I even thinking about what to do is challenging and that’s when they technique takes over — muscle memory kicks in.

Yesterday, at work – our HR department hosted a catered breakfast for us all. I took the fruit, eggs, bacon — all paleo. They did have home made biscuits so I made an exception and had one– I love this restaurant’s biscuits. I didn’t get sick or anything but what I noticed was that last night, I was restless and woke up a few times and then during the warmup this morning — I didn’t have as much energy to push through the pull ups like I normally do. I have no proof that it’s because of the wheat/gluten I had yesterday, but it had me wondering — what do you think?

Air Squat Drill


I forgot to mention that we also did a 4m extra session at the end of the workout:

20s air squats
10s rest
Rest meant you held a squat position — the pain you feel is quite something really!

I’m ready for a nap already today!

Overhead Squats


I had pizza this weekend — and once again, I find out how much it’s not worth it. I mean when I am eating it — i think, totally worth it. But the after effects, not so much. But for some reason, I don’t seem to remember that when the time comes to make the decision.

This morning – it was hard to get up. But I headed to CrossFit Impavidus as usual.

20 double unders (got multiple ones this time!)
10 push ups
10 pistols (5 each leg)


Air Squats

OHS 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

It was a fun day too. Good group of athletes and a challenging strength day. One of the funny things in the morning is I have trouble counting the plates to figure out what weight I am lifting. Many times i have to ask someone to count it all out for me — it’s the morning, without coffee and I am tired. Enough said.

Monday Front Squats


This month, Mondays are strength days. Just going to be honest here and say, they aren’t my favorite workout day. I just like the feeling of a hard workout that combines cardio and strength to get me started with my week.

I am really having to relearn squats related to lifting. I keep leaning my knees in when I am lifting out of a squat instead of knees out. Keeping your knees out gives you so much more power —

5 pull ups
10 push ups
20 Double Unders
30 walking lunges

front squat

front squats


3x 30sec L-Sits

The L-Sits were a score for me! I was able to hold myself up for a longer period of time today than ever before. Almost 20 seconds completely up in an L-Sit. Whoo hooo!

Workout Wednesday with a Modified Handstand Push-up


Group training is on Weds. A group of 6 – heavier weights, more individual attention.

2min of jump rope

Core x2
general stretching
rocky tiers
V-ups on the BOSU
6inches with BOSU on your legs (this one is hard!)
30 push-ups (tennis ball placed on the floor and each time your chest needs to touch the ball)

Workout x2
OH Squats 75lb
Roman Deadlifts 135lbs
Toe to Bar
powerclean split 25lb db
row to curl 55lbs
shoulder press 75lbs — I am going down in weight next week bc it proved to be too heavy for me

PT Station
Handstand push-ups – See image to the left -this is a modified p/up which is what I do with knees on box, and bc of that it’s x2. Note how her arms are straight and not bent. You can try this at home with a chair or something.
Farmer run 35lbs 50yds
OH Squat 65lbs
time: 6:59

*the image used obove was found at a crossfit site: Crossfit Invictus. Check out crossfit if you are looking for a really challenging, high intensity, but real life workout.

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