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Hit the Nail on the Head


So I seriously had the best birthday yesterday. I woke up, worked out, headed to a baby shower lunch with some friends, came home, napped, and then headed out for a party thrown by some good friends. There is nothing like just living in the moment and enjoying your life.  I felt loved. So much has happened to me in my 30’s — some great things. I had my kids; some seriously suck ass things too — my husband got diagnosed with colon cancer and we began our cancer fight.  I am sure everyone reading this has both sides of the spectrum no matter what decade they are in. It’s called life, get used to it.

One big change this year is me moving out of my old boot camp and going full on Crossfit! It was not something that intentionally decided. It was more a series of events that led up to me ultimately leaving. I have said before — When it is time to make change, sometimes it comes whether you are ready or not. So, here I am loving the switch so far and have already had some major wins -like getting a start on learning Double Unders. I couldn’t even do one successfully and now I can do that and sometimes more. I have met some great new people at Crossfit and I know that this will only lead to wonderful things in my life.

Yesterdays workout at Crossfit Impavidus was fun. I can’t tell you the last time I worked out with my old trainer that I used the word Fun. There was no fun there. Everything was so serious — and now that I have been away for a week or so, I feel FREE. I like laughing along with the coaches when I try to do a Handstand Kick and fall to the side looking like a pretzel. I ‘m ok with that — the only time I laughed at bootcamp was before we worked out, and all the ladies were talking and waiting to begin. Once we began, it was all regimented. Now don’t get me wrong — that certainly has a place and some people need that and maybe even I needed that for a while. But now that my passion for fitness and health was found — I want to work hard and have fun.  So if I fall on my face during a Handstand Kick and can get up and laugh — then that’s ok.

It’s so odd to even talk like that when talking about my fitness journey. It’s an outlet for me and it was becoming a source of frustration and stress. It took something unexpected to happen for me to be able to realize that I had lost the fun and I needed it back.  The reality was I wasnt at my bootcamp for the trainer anymore. I was there for the support and relationships of the women that I worked out with. And I was scared to leave for fear of not having them in my life. I was settling for training that wasn’t meeting my needs so that I could have the support of friends. What I finally realized was that those ladies are my friends now, no matter if I work out during the mornings with them or not and that I needed a new trainer who will help me move forward with my fitness goals. I haven’t had any breakthroughs in quite some time and it hasn’t been for a lack of trying

My friend Kelly sent me my horoscope yesterday after reading it because she said it directly spoke to me. It really did. I’m not one of those read your horoscope daily kind of people, but sometimes those things hit the nail right on the head:

Moving from where you are to where you want to be in life may suddenly seem easier than ever today. New energies are coming into your life and they are wiping the slate clean. Today, making a fresh start seems more possible and more fun. But keep in mind that no matter how major or how minor you want to alter your life, change always takes effort. You must be ready to make sacrifices and accommodate unpleasant facts — or people — and flex muscles you are not accustomed to using.

It even used the word muscles! Tell me that wasn’t written for me?

Workout & Paleo Update


Outside workout on a cold morning — you know it’s not as bad as it seems. It really does feel pretty good within a few minutes of starting the workout and by the time you are done, you have those chills that you get when you are all sweaty but it’s freezing outside. Oh the Joy!

Day 19 Paleo Update: I am down another 1.5# so that makes 6.5lbs since I started.  Yes, I am taking that .5lb along for the ride — I earned it! As I have said — not having done Paleo before, I have no idea if this is considered ‘good’, ‘on track’ or ‘not quite up to standard’ for weight loss expectations. I know that I am now at the lowest weight and the healthiest I have been since starting this healthy journey so to me – that’s a win!

Rockette kicks
walking lunges
back pedal

bicycles (up and down w your torso)
back extensions
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

hang clean squats 65lbs
weighted jump ropes x5
lunge jumps 15lb db
snatch 20lb kb

The pic above is my pal Stac! – Today is her Birthday –As I have said before — she inspires me, makes me laugh, and just generally makes the whole Plumbline team better…


Good Luck Stac!


This is Stacy — STAC! for short. She is running the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday and has worked really hard training for this. I, along with the rest of the Plumbline Ladies, are really proud of her.

Stac! is a busy mom, psychologist/hypnobirthing specialist and inspires me every day. She is hilarious and can always be counted on for taking a joke to a place you just weren’t.   I love that about her!

She’s so amazing and inspiring and just one of the many powerful, amazing women I get to workout with every day!


and everyone else running the Marathon on Sunday!

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