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Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone in 2016

Here we are in December, weeks away from the New Year and the beginning of winter. Colder weather, darker days, a lot of stress for some trying to survive the holiday season. For me, it can be the perfect recipe for losing motivation and momentum – more »

Star Wars: The Gold Bikini

How cute is this and telling about how we put thoughts and ideas into the minds of our children when they are really thinking of things from a very innocent point of view…

Was this written by Scotty?

Thanks to my sister, Connie for sending me the article.post below from MSNBC. My family knows the high regard Star Wars has in my home. When I first met Scotty, it was something that everyone knew about Scotty – he liked Star Wars. I wouldn’t more »

Adidas: Sleek, Stylish and Super Sporty

This spring, fitness based fashion is all about color and function with vibrant hues, moisture-wicking technology, slimming silhouettes and comfortable fabrics you’ll want to wear all over – not just to work on your fitness! Did you know that one of the newest trends is more »