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Sunday evenings sneak up on you!


I realized just now that I haven’t been on the computer the entire day. Here it is 715p and I finally get a moment to breathe.

My back is so much better. I woke up today and could move almost pain free. I of course took full advantage of that and I am worried that maybe I took too much advantage of being able to move around freely. I took H and her friend out on a few errands, got the tons upon tons of laundry done that had been piling up, and of course took advantage of the gorgeous weather and started working on my garden and yard. Weeding, raking, sweeping — all great things for your back – yeah right! I have had a few more back spasms since then but nothing like it was. I kept contemplating a run but took the advice of almost EVERYONE I know and took one more day to rest.

Boot camp is a new session and we are outside! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Plumbline‘s facility is good when there are 15 people, but cramped when it gets over that. Add in the heat – its stifling in there. All things that make you stronger. I have had enough of being inside and can’t wait to start it up tomorrow morning. We tend to be able to do a lot more cardio based stations and I burn more calories that way — so hoping to shed those last few pounds.

2 of my Favorite ladies ‘Florida’ and ‘Susie Q’ –  have decided to leave Plumbline and are heading to another camp closer to their houses. For the past 2 years they have made the trek from deep Herndon to Ashburn then to Leesburg early in the AM. It really is a lot to keep doing and they look and feel great. Talk about commitment!! These are 2 of the most special, nice, strong and caring people I have ever met. They have found what sounds like a great program closer to their homes. I will miss them daily but they will always be a part of the Plumbline Ladies Social Group.

Live Fit and Sore – Get outside today!


I am going to get outside today to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps. Sunny and temps in the 50’s. Spring is in the air – i can feel it!

We are getting ready to trade in our mini-van. Time to reclaim our coolness. Hannah is out of a car seat now and we think we can make due with a smaller SUV.  So, I have to clean out the car and get it trade in ready. I told Hannah I would give her a few bucks to help me clean it out today.

I’m not going to go to the gym today. I woke up and my muscles/joints are achey. I did some new moves at the gym yesterday and although I felt great after wards, the soreness is setting in this morning. New workout at Plumbline tomorrow, so I have to be workout ready!

Northern VA people: Make sure you get out and enjoy the nice weather today!

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