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CrossFit is about the Community


CrossFit is about the Community
Bad Workout =One that didn't happen

I have been a part of the CrossFit community for quite some time now and I want to share something about this community that bubbles me over with pride.  It’s the spirit of the athletes. I’m not talking about their competitive spirit or the ready for anything approach. It’s the deep down sort of stuff that makes people who they are — the ones you would call good eggs.

I have watched so many people come in to our gym – many of them would not be what you call ready for anything! And its not easy to make the decision to make changes in your life and then to choose this crazy and ‘wild’ style of fitness. It’s so out there for some people — In theory, you could say it already has two strikes against it.  But yet they come in and for some, they just belong here and they find they love it.

We have had some new people come through the doors the past month or so – and they are starting from the beginning. It’s not easy to use a plastic pipe instead of a barbell in a large group or see where fellow athletes are in their progress and think about how far you still have to go. You know what makes the difference? The community, the people who are there with you putting in the effort.

I have met the most amazing people since I started my fitness journey. This morning one of my fellow athletes and friend Leila told me a story about another friend of mine, Lani, that gave us both a huge feeling of pride and just sincere appreciation of who we get to hang out with.

Leave No Man Behind

Here’s some back story and then what went down —

Rosa is a new athlete and she is determined to get in shape. She is just starting out and can’t run the entire way with us during warmups or workouts — and that’s totally ok. Everything in CrossFit is scalable for your own fitness level.  We all told Rosa, just show up and put in the work and you will see results. Trust in us and it will happen –no gimmicks, no tricks. Good old fashion hard work and commitment and focus – that’s what it takes. Period.  Rosa has the best attitude and I am so happy I got to coach her very first CrossFit class and have gotten to talk to her more outside of class about the changes she is focused on.

Earlier this week, our workout was 400m, then a workout, and ending with 400m. We all were done and exhausted and Lani, without saying a word, went back out to the parking lot and ran with Rosa. Didn’t say a word – just started running with her to get her through to the end.  Keep in mind that Lani had just done this grueling workout and we all just met Rosa. That’s what makes the difference between success and failure for some people – being able to see you aren’t alone in this and there is someone there to pick you up when you need it. And sometimes you don’t even know that you need it but when it comes — holy crap, you are beyond thankful.

Although Lani is something special, you can find people who are supportive and live the can do attitude in almost every CrossFit gym.  I am referred to as the CrossFit Ambassador for a reason – I recognize how hard it can be to step into the doors and embrace a change. Everyone who does it deserves credit, recognition and a supportive, friendly place to get it done. That’s my job at CrossFit Impavidus! To help change lives by grabbing their hands and introducing them to what change looks like.


In the past year that I gotten to know Lani, there is nothing but pride and appreciation of what an amazing person she is at the young age of 25.  She has a work ethic that you don’t find in most people, is one of the most insightful, sharpest and fun people I have met, and is genuine. I am such a big fan of hers — and to see how far she is come physically too. She used to joke after each 6A workout, that the Moms keep beating her. The Moms are a group of us that are obviously Moms but also around the same age. But we no longer are beating her. She is killing it, getting stronger and faster – and beating the Moms at almost every workout! Now that’s what I like to see —  making huge progress and I couldn’t be prouder of someone kicking my ass.

The people are what makes the difference at CrossFit. Hands down, we are in it together and will not let anyone fall. To quote Lani “we leave no man behind.”

Cancer Support Blogs


I was recently contacted by Roxanne McAnn at about a recent article on their own blog about bloggers who have opened their lives and experiences to help others going thru the same. They have included my blog! I am so honored and this is truly what it’s all about for me — giving back and helping others that have experienced a life changing event that forced them to re-look at their lives and start making better choices for themselves and their families. If I can do that for others — then I have done my job.

50 Terrific Blogs for Cancer Support

Cancer is a despicable, overwhelming disease that’s still frustrating doctors and nurses, as well as their patients. But through all the tests, hospital stays, surgeries, chemotherapy and side effects of cancer, a powerful and uplifting network of bloggers has also flourished. These bloggers have opened up to their families and the public to share their fear and shock during diagnosis, physical burdens during treatment, and struggles to get back to a more normal life once they’ve kicked cancer out, hopefully for good.

Holiday Potluck


What a super fun night last nite for the 2nd annual Boot Camp Potluck for the holidays! Here are some pics from the evening:

Don’t go Lidia!


One of most favorite ladies from Plumbline who has been one of the most supportive, fun and impressive people I have met is moving. After the plane pull she heads to her new home in North Carolina. You have NEVER and I mean NEVER met anyone like Lidia B – aka Queen B. You would never guess she is in her 50’s – she’s got a body that won’t quit, is strong as shit mentally and physically, and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet — she’s also very bossy but you get used to that!

She is the one that rocks all the boot camp sessions, finishing in the top every time! She has run marathons, races, mud challenges — She takes on any challenge, never quits — She has been one a stable rock in our group and I know everyone in our 545A camp is going to miss her more than words can convey. When I was saying my millionth goodbye to her in the parking lot after camp this morning, I started to tear up, because I have always found it very comforting to workout with Lidia. She is someone you can count on to support you — even jumping back into the workout she just finished so that you had someone to get through it with.

Many women when they get into large groups for some reason become less than supportive of each other. Not us Plumbline Ladies –that’s what is so special. All walks of life, careers, ages, fitness levels — come together at 545A and laugh, support and workout! And that’s a big part of why it has worked for us!

Best of Luck Lidia — and don’t be a stranger! Visit often!

The How and Why I Continue On


I recently came across this post and I thought – yeah shes so right. And while I do not do actual ‘crossfit’ certified workouts — they are both based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and I work out with the most incredible group of women – who come from so many different walks of lives, careers and have different personalities and challenges, body types and histories — and every day we support, rally, and cheer each other before, during and after the workout. We are part of a family and what she says below sums up perfectly my feelings and why I have been getting up at the O’dark thirty most mornings for the past 2+ years and why I push myself harder in those daily sessions than most people push them selves ever —

And the reality is – the workouts and exercise is great for the stress relief and of course health, and I love how strong I am getting  – but the real reason I continue on and get up so darn early is I love being with this group every day. We laugh all the time and it’s like hanging out with your BFFs and being able to be with them every day. I would miss them if I decided one day to just stop exercising and drop out. I know I would because some of the group have left, and come back because they miss the group.

I continue to do crossfit because

The look on the face of a woman who suddenly realizes they can do military style push ups is priceless.

I am not striving to be as strong as a man, I am striving to be strong as a woman.

I never want to find myself a victim of my ability.

Lifting heavy feels better than feeling skinny.

I want an ass. A real one, that sticks out.

…. I’ve spent countless days working out at the butt crack of dawn with women who teach me and help me strive to be a better person. Who could possibly leave that behind?

Thank you ladies.

Just keep swimming..


Plumbline Training workout for today was the end of another boot camp session. We start fresh next week with all new routines.  That’s the thing I really like about my boot camp – every 4 weeks you get a completely new routine. Helps combat boredom and you are keeping your body active within the workout. Too long doing one thing – the results become limited.

backwards lunges
straight leg lifts (right leg, left leg)
high knees
tuck jumps

6in flutters
half pikes
placement sit-ups
45 push-ups

3 rounds AMRepsAP / 1 min stations
45lb  Iso/lat overhead  shoulder lifts / Iso Sit -ups –(not the technical names – you are on your back lifting)
ring dips
hang clean squats 25lb dbs
box scissor steps / tabatas
ballistic push press 65lb

For those of you that committed to living a healthy and fit life at the top of the year – I hope you are keeping at it. It’s easy to just give up or not give your all to this resolution – we all have been there – but you have to persevere. As Dori said – just keeping swimming, swimming! And it’s not always easy. EVERYDAY you have to re-commit to this – remind yourself of the benefit and how good you feel – not only physically but mentally. I know I feel so proud every single day when I am driving home from boot camp. I can check one thing off my daily list and for me, it’s probably one of the hardest things on my list that day.

So today if  you catch yourself flaking on your commitment – Remember why you made your commitment and how great you feel.  And even  if you don’t feel like it, just get out there and do something active. You will totally be into it once you are doing it.

And know you are not alone…

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