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CrossFit is about the Community

CrossFit is about the Community I have been a part of the CrossFit community for quite some time now and I want to share something about this community that bubbles me over with pride.  It’s the spirit of the athletes. I’m not talking about their more »

Cancer Support Blogs

I was recently contacted by Roxanne McAnn at Nursingschools.net about a recent article on their own blog about bloggers who have opened their lives and experiences to help others going thru the same. They have included my blog! I am so honored and this is more »

Holiday Potluck

What a super fun night last nite for the 2nd annual Boot Camp Potluck for the holidays! Here are some pics from the evening:

Don’t go Lidia!

One of most favorite ladies from Plumbline who has been one of the most supportive, fun and impressive people I have met is moving. After the plane pull she heads to her new home in North Carolina. You have NEVER and I mean NEVER met more »

The How and Why I Continue On

I recently came across this post and I thought – yeah shes so right. And while I do not do actual ‘crossfit’ certified workouts — they are both based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and I work out with the most incredible group of more »

Just keep swimming..

Plumbline Training workout for today was the end of another boot camp session. We start fresh next week with all new routines.  That’s the thing I really like about my boot camp – every 4 weeks you get a completely new routine. Helps combat boredom more »