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Is Your Daughter’s Wish To Be Thinner?

What Do You Do When Your 10-Year-Old Girl Says She’s Fat? According to MissRepresentation, 80% of 10-year-old girls say they have been on a diet, and “the number one magic wish for girls 11-17 is to be thinner.” Now, personally, I’m pretty sure I didn’t figure out more »

Drastic Weight Loss Measures Endanger the Young

As a friend on Facebook said – I think people have SERIOUSLY lost their minds. Young, obese and getting weight loss surgery Though Shani Gofman had been teased for being fat since the fourth grade, she had learned to deal with it. She was a more »

Late training can mean missed opportunities for Tweens

This article is really in line with why I am so thrilled that both my kids have started CrossFit Kids this past year. I want them to have the best foundation possible rooted in health and fitness.  My heart  skips a beat when I am more »

Teens should be banned from tanning booths, doctors say

CNN) — When Samantha Hessel heard about the risks associated with tanning beds, she ignored them. When her mom cautioned her not to tan so much, Hessel shrugged it off. Her friends and peers were doing the same thing. What was the harm of lying more »

Teens Experiencing Facebook Fatigue

Teens Experiencing Facebook Fatigue [STUDY]. Online gaming site Roiworld surveyed 600 teens ages 13 to 17 in late April and found that teens spend two hours per day online on average, 80% of which is spent using a social network. These same teens are, however, more »

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In the end, it is all about our behavior and the choices we make. When we are armed with the right information, we can make powerful changes in our biology. We don’t have to be slaves to it. For food, so much of the issue more »