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Crossfit Northwest Tucson – Writes about the Tragedy in Tucson


There are few words to describe how we feel today. CrossFit Northwest Tucson is saddened and wants to put out there that everyone involved today is in our thoughts and prayers. This tragedy hit close to home. I mean close, Ina and Oracle is a stones throw from our house and the school our children go to. A young child was killed today as well. At this time, while I write this, it is unknown who he or she is. Being so close to our neighborhood, it could be someone our children knew. We as a community are all affected by this, we as Tucsonans are not used to this, we as Americans should be outraged anytime someone tries to force their agenda upon us.

CrossFit has a great tradition, honoring those who have fallen. Americans, usually in service to their country or city, who have tragically died in the line of duty. Today the heroes were American people, going about their business supporting the American Way, Free Speech. They may have been grocery shopping, going to get medication, or buying flowers for a loved one. However, they ended up in the middle of this event, an event none of us worry about, until now. I feel we should honor all of them, for they were not paid for volunteering to be put on the fence, in harms way, they were doing what we all do daily. Living in a free society.

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A tribute to her Mom: Elizabeth Edwards


What a wonderful tribute to her mother — and you can also tell how Elizabeth Edwards was able to prepare her kids for her passing. She dealt with it being honest, sincere and straight forward. Watch this and you can hear in her daughter’s voice how much she loved her children and family — I have a new found respect for Mrs Edwards.

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