You Got ThisI’m not going to lie and say I was raring to go this morning. Getting up at 515A regularly is hard – I desperately wanted to hit snooze, roll over and get some more Zzz’s.  But I can’t do that. I like the benefits of exercise too much to compromise and one hour of sleep isn’t going to make that much of a big difference in the grand scheme of my day. The only person that I have to battle with to get my butt up is me and I can handle me! I got this and so do you.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about why we workout and strive to live a fit life. And then I ran across an article by Mark Rippetoe: Bodyfat and Age: Just How Important Is Thin? Think rationally, not subjectively, about bodyfat  and it’s good food for thought. I didn’t discover my love of fitness until I was in my thirties – so I didn’t enjoy the 20 year old “i look super hot in this bikini stage” – and for me, the reason I strive to be fit goes way beyond vanity. I am reminded why I continue on whenever I see seniors who have lived a fairly inactive adult life struggle to do daily tasks because it has caught up with them.  I don’t want that to be my path — and by staying active and continually challenging myself, I’m doing what I can.  When was the last time you thought about why you workout?

Why Do You Workout?

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  • Strength Training incl Isometric Barbell Training

I struggled with my energy level this morning – I am still feeling sore from Saturday’s CrossFit workout and forgot to drink Natural Calm magnesium last night to help with my overall recovery. Lesson learned…

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