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Weekend Workout





20mins AMRAP

  • 60 Slam Ball 20#
  • 30 KB Goblet Squats 1 Pood
  • 20 KB Power Cleans

(partner workout – each doing equal amount of work)


Boxing with Connor

Boxing Heart Rate Data

A pleasant Sunday with CrossFit


Yesterday one of my CrossFit pals, Sven was nice enough to spend a few hours with me at the box to help me with some of the things I am struggling with. We invited along Lori and Kim to work on kipping pull ups, power cleans and muscle ups.

Even though it was a skills session, it felt like a workout. I am sure sore this morning.

ankle flips
high knees
skip for height
broad jumps
bear crawl
crab walk
10 plankwalks
push up circles high/low
10 tea cups
10 arm swings
neck rolls
band stretch shoulders

Pull ups
Retract your Scapula

And I did make some progress — but not enough to make me say Oh I got the Kipping Pull up! Hooray! I just really need to practice the swing. I have all the mechanics but I just can’t seem to make them click together. It’s very very frustrating to me. I literally yelled at the end and to top it hands are ripped up. It’s all part of the learning process — and I’m not complaining but there are a few things that I seem to be struggling with that has more to putting the pieces together than strength or being ABLE to do it. It will come — patience is a skill too apparently.

Saturday Workout


I’m not feeling so good and probably should have taken that into account when deciding to go to CrossFit — but I am stubborn as you can see and love my workouts —

10 pass thrus
10 hollow rocks
10 push ups
10 lunges

50ft bear crawl
400m run
30 35lb Kettlebell swings
15 pull ups
time: 16:33

All I want to do now is go back to bed — I am dehydrated and have the shakes in addition to a dull headache.

Cancer Sucks! Cure by Design Event tonite!


Great WOD today compliments of Coach Nate at CrossFit Impavidus. My brother Jon is in town so I brought him a long as well.

Sampson Stretch
10 Pass thrus
10 Whirly Birds
10 Bendy Whirly Birds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 OHS

Rope Climb

w/Partner Mike K
800m run
100m tire flips
move 300# 50m
100m Sleds
5 rope climbs or 20 burpee pull ups for each climb substituted
40m bear crawl
800m run
time: 33:08  Mike ended up doing 2 rope climbs so we did a lot of burpee pull ups. I believe I did 37 and holy crap, it was torture!

Mobility stretches

Now I have to go get ready for Cure By Design and my husband, Scott’s catwalk debut! I’m so excited for this event — to honor those that have survived cancer is so important and it benefits a great cause because we all know Cancer Sucks.

Cure by Design is an event in which the fashion, design and retail communities join forces with the local corporate community to benefit the American Cancer Society. The focus of this special evening is a fashion show that spotlights designer fashions and, more importantly, the cancer survivors who model them. These survivor models are living proof of the strides we are making in the fight against cancer, and their vibrant smiles portray a message of hope for the cure.
The money raised at Cure by Design enables the American Cancer Society to fund cutting-edge research, early detection and prevention education, advocacy efforts, and life-affirming patient services. By supporting Cure by Design, you are partnering with the American Cancer Society to help cancer patients in your community.

Weekend Away


Paleo Diet Infographic

Here’s a cool Paleo explained infographic I found at one of my favorite blogs: the clothes make the girl. Mel has some great info, has a great sense of humor, is strong and kicks ass. She inspires me regularly.

As I am away this weekend – I am going to share some of my favorite images from last weekend’s Reebok CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals:

This guy inspired me so much. Strong, focused and just generally HOT. (what — I’m just being honest)









This is Christmas. That is her real name and she’s awesome! And strong, fit, nice, funny and HOT. (Ok, what? I am being honest)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho – it’s off to nature we go…


My dear friend Sara

I had a really fun Friday night – I went over my friend Sara’s house – who invited me and our friend Anu for dinner. It was so nice to chat and laugh with them. Both of these women really inspire me in so many ways – that I am so thankful for being in my life!

And as you can tell — I’m still in the greatest mood – things are just going well for me. I am full of new ideas and inspiration —

Headed to my CrossFit Impavidus workout and I knew some of it was outside — with this weather it would be a crime if it wasn’t.

big tire flips

1m stations/rest 1 min 3x
body rows
wall ball squats
65lb dead lifts
sit ups

102/100/92 -294 total

I stayed and got some more 1:1 coaching from Nate on snatch and pull ups.

It’s such a beautiful day, that I am taking the kids to the Nature Preserve in Leesburg to do a little nature hiking. I was talking with a friend of mine, Sara, this week and she made me realize that i need to redefine what sort of activities we all do. I am now an active, fit person who should do active, more outdoorsy activities in my spare time. When you become an athlete later in life, it affects everything you do including what you consider fun — so off to the preserve we go!

CrossFit is Community too!


Today’s workout was all about the team. I like switching it up and doing the workout where you rely on others to do their part — in order to come out on top!


fun run w stops to do 10 burpees & 10 air squats


KB Swings


Team stations


50m? sprint

35lb KB swings

push up (hand release)


Total tally – 861 which was almost 100 more reps than any other team! Which was awesome because the teams were broken up into all male/all female teams but there was an extra person with the guys, so my pal Adrian came to workout in our group – Team Awesome. So 3 ladies, 1 guy= Kicked Ass!

Then I stayed after and Coach Nate worked with me on mobility with my shoulders/back. I have a posture issue and as I have said before – the more tired I am, the less I remember to put my shoulders back in their sockets — Think Stupor! So he suggested doing some passive mobility work with a KB. Lie on your back and hold it straight ahead for 1m to help my shoulders learn their way back.

We also worked on my Kip again. I have that swing down, and now I think I figured out what I should do once I am ‘weightless’ — now it’s about more and more practice. Practice is the key for me! I love Saturdays at CrossFit Impavidus. You get to meet new people who are trying CrossFit for the very first time and I get to have more targeted coaching from Nate. It’s something I look forward to every week — the community part of the program.

Saturday at CrossFit Impavidus


Saturdays are Free at CrossFit Impavidus. I like that new people come and check out CrossFit. It gives a new atmosphere every week —

Warmup x2
1m Stations
Box Jumps
Pull Ups
Air Squats

10m runs

This WOD was different for me but totally fun. You run 10m and each round it doubles but you still only get 1m and 1m rest — so first round 10m, 2nd 20m, 3rd 30m — until the last person is standing. If you don’t make the round, you are out — I made it to almost 15rounds but came up short with 20m to go! Now talk about a agility workout –Yowsa!

Gold’s Gym Workout


I headed to Gold’s Gym this am. It’s a bit farther than I normally would drive for a gym but since mine is undergoing renovations — i figured what the heck. And as predicted, it was super crowded with Resoluters — which is great because maybe some of them will actually make a permanent change in their lives. Statistics are obviously not in their favor though — you have to find something you like to do or it won’t last. Why would someone who is tired or stressed head to the gym to spend 30m on a treadmill over and over again if they hate it?

I warmed up with 1m run and then did some weight training —

workout x2
push press 25lbs
25lb walking lunges
75lb back squats
65lb shoulder press
40lb iso lats
bicep curl 25lb

assisted pull ups
50 BOSU push ups
30 BOSU Crunches
30lb KB swings
100 box jumps

This is not a detour – It’s a change!


Walking out of Gold’s gym today after a good workout I saw this: ‘When you are ready to change, you will…” I think this is so true because you really do have to think of it just like that — it’s a change, a shift in how you live — a change is not temporary. If you want temporary then call it a detour because you will eventually go back to the old route —

At Gold’s – I did a varied workout that lasted about 1:20m total.

15 min treadmill run
25lb db walking lunges
50lb OH Squats x2
50lb back squats x2
50 BOSU push ups
50 assisted pull ups
50lb bicep curls x2
40lb Iso bends x 2

General Stretching
Stability Ball twists
Stability Ball lifts
Stability Ball crunches

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