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Ancient vs. Modern Fruits and Vegetables


Good morning! I’m heading to an essentials workout class tomorrow on Snatches so today is my rest day from working out. I spent a lovely evening over my friend Melissa’s house last night – connecting with friends, eating some delicious treats, and looking/browsing through some great Jewelry from my friend Lisa’s Stella & Dot jewelry line… for the holidays.

One of the paleo blogs I read is Mark’s Daily Apple — Here are some thoughts from Mark about food choices —

Ancient vs. Modern Fruits and Vegetables

In case you’re still a little wary of humans messing around with food, I thought I’d show how some of your favorite fruits and vegetables are actually the products of selective, targeted breeding. What, you thought every non-explicitly hybridized fruit and vegetable can trace a pure lineage back to the Paleolithic? Ha! The stuff we enjoy, even the heirloom, dirt-and-mud-encrusted ugly, but delicious, stuff we get from the farmers’ market, is different from what Grok enjoyed. Plants reproduce far more often than, say, humans, so evolution happens faster. We’ve got a dog in the fight, too, and the means to influence its outcome (hybridization, breeding, selection), so changes happen even quicker.

Adventure Weekend


During our week of staycation/Thanksgiving, I wanted the kids to get out and do stuff. Today we went to Adventure Theater at Glen Echo Park in Maryland to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  The play was an hour and was so cute — perfect for the family. Glen Echo Park

He gets so excited to hang out with me

looks like a great place to take the kids for a day exploring too — so I will definitely head back there when it gets warmer.
After the late afternoon play, we headed over to eat in Bethesda. When Scott and I first moved to the area in 1996, we used to meet my sister for dinner around St Elmo St. We ate at Haandi Indian on Fremont on this trip and it was delish! It is cold here tonite too —  Yes, I know I have now gone 3 days without sticking to my Paleo eating — and trust me I do recognize the difference in my mood and physical state — and not for the better — so I am not abandoning it, but living it loosely just for this past weekend.  I will be back to my regular routine on Monday and back with my focus on eating properly. Should be interesting to see how these past few days will affect the scale.
Last night Scott and I met up with my friend Cheryl who was in town from Florida. We met at Clyde’s Willow Creek and I had 2 Caramel Apple Martinis. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a drinker — I rarely drink and it’s no suprrise that those drinks hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t know how people do that regularly, I hate the way I feel the next morning.

Tomorrow, I will hit the road and go for a run. I feel the need to work off some of this gluttony.

A Sunday run is good for your health


I have had a sinus headache for 2 days. Gotta love Fall in Northern Virginia I tell ya.  I decided that even though I didn’t feel like going for a run this morning, that I would force myself to go and maybe it would help my headache. You know what? During the run — I had no headache.  At home post run — it came back although not as strong.  I ended up doing about 3 miles total. I have to get used to running in the crisper, colder air.  It’s definitely a different type of running for someone with asthma.

Still doing great on my new approach to eating aka Paleo. I have added a square of 82% dark chocolate because I have a sweet tooth and have been craving it like nobody’s business. The Dark Chocolate seems to satisfy that and because its over the 70%, its benefits are still there. Let’s see how the scale plays out tomorrow. My mid section is certainly more toned and I feel stronger overall. Just look at the pictures I posted this week. Nutrition plays a HUGE and Primary part in staying healthy and in shape. I have often thought that as hard as I work at my workouts — there has to be some part of the puzzle I am missing. I took all the necessary steps to get my body in shape and still felt all lumpy in my mid section – not the sleek, toned abs that I should have. I knew I had strong abs but a layer of fat stood in the way of seeing them. I am telling you — it takes time, patience, commitment and passion to make a change like this. But, it doesn’t have to happen overnight! Take it in steps and move on to the next step when it feels right to you —

Ahh, Weekends


I don’t think I have mentioned this before — I am running a small 5k race in River Creek with some of the Plumbline Ladies.  The race benefits Capital Hospice — as I have mentioned — races are a good way to give back and get exercise. There is no better combo than that! You help others and help yourself at the same time! So, because of that — I decided to move my rest day to today in preparation for the run tomorrow. And I am sore from the new session yesterday, mostly in my arms, shoulders oh who am I kidding — all over!

I love the weekends — I get to sleep in a bit. Today, I actually slept in until 945a if you can believe it. I haven’t done that in a very long time!  I also usually get a great breakfast made for me by my wonderful hubby. Today it was scrambled eggs with all natural sausage and veggies.  It was so good and for lunch I made a big ass salad with orange pepper, pan grilled chicken, avocado, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, lemon juice, splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. So good.

Hope you are all out there enjoying a wonderful fall day….

A healthy gut is the hidden key to weight loss | The Healthy Skeptic.

We’ve only recently begun to understand the extent of the gut flora’s role in human health and disease. Among other things, the gut flora promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infection, regulates metabolism and comprises more than 75% of our immune system. Dysregulated gut flora has been linked to diseases ranging from autism and depression to autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes.

Recent research has shown that the gut flora, and the health of the gut in general, also play a significant role in both obesity and diabetes. I’ve seen this anecdotally in my practice as well. Nearly every patient I treat with a blood sugar issue also has a leaky gut, a gut infection, or some other chronic inflammatory gut condition.

To work or not workout –that is the question!


It started Thurs mid morning — nausea, fatigue, lack of energy — and started to subside Friday evening after spending 2 solid days in bed. Not wanting to get out to even get water. It’s hard to be mom sometimes because there is no one around when you get sick to take care of you.  I skipped group training yesterday morning — and woke up this morning feeling ok. I wouldn’t say 100% but I would say better. So of course I decided to go for a run –why that would make sense in my head is beyond me — but I guess I am so conditioned to just do some sort of exercise. I have been holed up in bed for 2 days — I needed to move. So squeaked out 3 miles this morning — not a very fast pace but it’s done and in a way  — i wish i hadnt done it.

I  included this article below — it’s very much in line with past posts I have made –about pushing past pain and finding the mental grit to keep pushing yourself even when your body/mind says stop. I am still working on it but have noticed an improvement in this skill…

Pushing Past Pain to Improve Performance –



A slow day here in Northern Virginia. I woke up and headed to Kimmy’s house for a run. We did about 4 miles today. The air was cold and crisp and it made it tough on my asthma. After we finished the run we headed over to meet our friend Melissa’s new Puppy – Laney! She’s a 9 week old Boxer and cuter than cute.

Then I spent the rest of the day Fall cleaning. Scotty and Nate both haven’t felt good so we all took it easy today.

Weekend Run


I headed over to my friend Kimmy’s ‘hood for our weekend run today. We had a new running partner too – Jack, Kimmy’s dog and he provided a few unplanned breaks and barks on our jaunt.  From our estimates, we ran around 5miles. The weather is gorgeous and that makes for a great day for a run!

Trail Run tracked by


During my presentation to parents this week — Creating Fit Families — my friend Heidi said something that really stuck with me — she said ‘we as parents, cant afford to wait around until someone else gives us an opportunity to get our kids out there and active’. It’s up to us to do it! It’s so true — we have to set the foundation, it’s our job as their parents — and that includes leading by example. I make it a point to show Nate and Hannah that a busy person must and can still be fit and active — in fact i’ts part of a busy life. I have said this before — I am a working mom, 2 young kids, a husband — all the pressures and stress of a normal life — have had a serious illness to battle with my husband — although scary and amazingly stressful– is no different in terms of stress and hardship than many people trying to make ends meet, going thru family issues etc. You get the idea.  I made a commitment to do this for me and for my family and there are times when I have to get creative to fit it in but the point is I DO FIT IT IN. No excuse outside of a health issue gets in my way  – I mean I cant go workout in bootcamp with pink eye or strep or a chest cold ….

I want everyone who reads this to realize that the major obstacle for most us in becoming fit and healthy and staying fit and healthy is ourselves. Prolific aren’t i — ha!

Today’s workout was a good old fashion run on the trail. I did about 5.97 miles — If I knew what I was running while I was running, I would definitely push for 6. I am considering buying one of the HRM that can do distance based on gps too. Maybe a holiday gift or something…

Fitting in a workout


Here are just a few of the pics from yesterday’s Plane Pull — our team raised more than $2500 for VA Special Olympics and although we didn’t win – we did great considering we were one of the only teams comprised mainly of women. We pulled a 1200lb plane in like 8.6 seconds.  It was a fun day with a great group of people for a great cause! Can’t get better than that!

I woke up to rain this AM — so I waited until it cleared up. I knew Scott and Nate were headed to LAX in the afternoon so I encouraged Hannah to get on her bike and come with me while I ran.  It’s a great way to encourage fitness with your kids while you get your workout in too! Hannah is still getting comfortable on her bike, so we went around the outer block 2x for 40 minutes total.  Sometimes you have to get creative to get a workout in — but whatever happens, you get it in! No excuses!

It’s a mental game


Yesterday I went for a run when I woke up. The weather was  yet again perfect running weather so of course I had to make the best of it! I ran about 5 miles again – but honestly, it was a struggle. With the cooler air, I have more issues with my asthma. The cold air goes into my lungs and my breathing becomes harder. But I just slowed down when I felt like I had to instead of giving up and going home.  As I have said before — any exercise is GOOD exercise.

I’ve been watching the Discovery show ‘ Surviving the Cut’ about the military special forces training and have really been inspired by it. Not in the ‘i want to join the military’ way, but just the push yourself further even when you think you have no more to give. It’s more mental than physical. Your body can do it even when you think you are totally spent.

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