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Learning How to Eat Paleo


Busy day but I wanted to share a few things I think everyone should read and also just mention something that happened to me yesterday. I stopped in to Wegmans to pick up a few things and while I was heading towards the Gluten Free/Natural foods area – I noticed this woman who was furiously leafing through a gluten free cookbook, trying to make sense of what to buy and what was what.  I found out later her name – Marie and she is from South Africa.

She looked up at me and said – this stuff is so confusing and explained that her tween daughter is allergic to wheat, dairy and soy. Have you tried to find any sort of non-fresh food without one of those ingredients? Holy cow! And if you do, some of it tastes like crap! We got to talking about some stuff that I have used and I ended up walking with her through the natural foods section pointing out Larabars and a few other things that met her criteria. I also talked to her about looking into getting a dehydrator  – so she can make her own beef jerky and dried fruit and gave her some ideas for snacks. She was so thankful that I took the time and offered up my own experience – as I was saying goodbye, I gave her my blog info and my email and introduced myself.

Once she finds things that work for her and her family, it will definitely be an easy transition but I remember how daunting and hard it all felt at first. I was glad I could lend a hand!

If you are looking for Paleo resources, I created an entire section with links to popular Paleo authors, books and websites to help make it easy to find and easier for you to get started!


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Kindness Matters

Read about all of these kiddos doing kind things – small ripples make big waves!!

Thoughts from Shopping on a Sunday Afternoon


Today is a rest day –and pulling those sleds and flipping those tires yesterday made this rest day much appreciated!

I went to Wegman’s for my weekly grocery shopping pilgrimage. I probably spend at least another 20 bucks a week buying gluten free stuff for Nate. It’s mind boggling that gluten is found in just about everything we eat. To ensure it’s not – it costs extra $$. And to be honest – a lot of it tastes like crap as we found after spending the cash. It’s trial and error and researching to find what a 6 year old will eat —

While I was there I couldn’t help but notice once again — the stuff that people buy in their carts.  It’s a lot of crap — soda, chips, ice cream, white bread, sugary cereals – all staples of the American diet.  It really does show in what they look like too — slightly to more than slightly overweight living in suburbia people. I wish that everyone could realize what eating like that day in and day out does to their bodies –and learning how to eat the way we are designed would make them feel so much better!  Some day, people will start to realize that what we we were taught about proper nutrition was not really about proper nutrition and more about politics and economics —

I’m not perfect — I had pizza last night for instance. But I do eat Paleo 80-90% of the time and it is so ingrained in me now that I can feel what eating crap does to my body — it’s not good people.

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