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Foodie Pics and Weight loss



Interesting concept, although I don’t think taking a pic of what I am eating will help me — when I realize that most of the apps that estimate calories are wrong. There are so many factors that determine how many calories something is — for me, its more accurate to stick to whole, clean foods than to count calories. Eating paleo means I don’t watch calories – which is freedom.

In the fast-growing market for electronic exercise-and-diet diaries, the holy grail might be a camera that would deliver not only a photograph but also a calorie count. And fast.

How else to account for that bowl of Aunt Pam’s chicken-pot pie? The lobster-linguine entree at your favorite restaurant? Or any meal that doesn’t come from a label-bearing box?

Now purporting to deliver on that promise is a new app (for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.0 or higher) called Meal Snap. At $2.99, it comes closer to the mark than perhaps anything else on the market. But mostly it demonstrates the steepness of the challenge. In a WSJ test, only seven of of 17 meals photographed via an iPad camera and delivered to Meal Snap produced an accurate calorie estimate. Most wrong estimates fell far below the actual calorie count — as when a 590-calorie fajita was identified as a beef taco bearing between 192 and 289 calories.


Seeing the difference with Better Nutrition


It’s been 24 days since I eliminated wheat and refined sugar from my diet and I asked Scott to snap some pictures of me this AM to see if a difference can be seen. For me, I have to see it to have it sink in so I have him take pics of me every month to help me continue on —

October 2010 (3 days before starting)

October 2010

And here is a pic from this morning — 21 days of clean eating Paleo Style:

November 2010 - 21 days into 'Paleo' eating

Find your passion


I read this blog entry today: called Weight Loss at The Anti Jared and it struck a chord with me. I have said this before – find your passion and things seem to fall into place. For Tony, aka The Anti Jared,  it was his newborn son and wife. For me – it is the thrill of exercise and a true enjoyment of learning how to be healthy and fit combined with my husband’s recent bout with cancer.

I agree with him that so many people who started off at the top of the year with great intentions for their Resolutions have abandoned them. It’s May and Summer is right around the corner – vacations, holidays, out of the school year routine.  Some probably feel guilty, sad, frustrated, fat, complacent, relieved – some don’t. Many will do it all again come next year – year after year. Others will find excuses to not do them again. And I am happy to say that a few will actually change their lives! I bet those people found something to be passionate about or had something significant change happen to them.

It’s not easy, but once you do find it, living this way doesn’t seem so hard.

You will fail, succeed, laugh, cry, get happy, be mad and love/hate eating better and moving more. It will happen…..

1. The one person that truly cares that you lost two pounds is the person looking at you in the mirror.
2. Tomorrow DOES exist, but try to make the most of today.
3. There is no right or wrong way to lose weight. Argue all you want.
4. Eating a bad meal does not make you a bad person
5. Eating a good meal does not make you a good person.
6. Losing weight does not make you sexy. Feeling good about yourself make you sexy.
7. Everyone is perfect.

For over twenty years I tried and failed at keeping off weight. I did it in the past because I wanted to feel better. To wear cool clothes, to get girls. I would lose weight, and would never be happy with how much I lost. I wanted to lose more, which ended up making me quit and gain back all of the weight plus some.

My life has changed now. Why is it different now?

I am not sure. Ask my son in a couple of years.

Find your passion.

10 Things the Weight-Loss Industry Won’t Say


The ads are filled with testimonials about amounts of weight that are just physiologically impossible for a person to lose. You just don’t lose 30 pounds in 30 days.” In fact, the standard disclaimer “results not typical” is one of the few claims that are actually true. “[Weight-loss marketers] highlight the real ‘success’ stories of those that are atypical, highly motivated, and doing more than what they say they are doing,” says a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “Mostly, [the programs] just don’t work.”

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