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Stop Lying To Yourself about Your Nutrition


Whole Life Challenge: Are You Being Truthful?

Reality Check about your NutritionWe are headed into the second week of the Whole Life Challenge at CrossFit Impavidus and for some the first week was mind blowingly hard. For others, it has opened their eyes and they see how easy it can be. It just takes some attention. Most of us mindlessly buy the food our parents taught us too, or our spouses used to eat –and this is the time to be in the moment and learn how to eat healthy and feel how your body responds.

I do think it’s worthwhile to discuss how many of us don’t really get honest about our nutrition. Yesterday, I saw a bunch of WLC Challengers from CFI mention on social how they had a glass of wine, or they went to some party and had some crap food. It’s week 1 and they shouldn’t yet justify their actions and give themselves permission to do that! They haven’t earned it –and I don’t mean in a seniority way. I mean they have not yet really detox’d their bodies and set their proper baseline.  It’s the easier route and we aren’t taking the easy route here –I told them all in the beginning that the first few weeks are rough and probably the toughest time you will have and if they can’t even make it past week 1 without bargaining with themselves, that concerns me.  The road to health and fitness is not the easy road but the end result when you take the easy route, is being sick and no one wants that.

Think about why you signed up for this challenge — something is out of whack in your life. Things were very out of balance in mine own life before I jumped on the bandwagon. I got serious about where I was in my life and that it didn’t match what I thought was reality.  I didn’t bargain with myself — I looked and felt like shit and no one was going to hold my hand as I made changes in myself. Yes, I had support but in the end it was me being honest with myself and committing to a lifestyle change and then recommitting every damn day – hour in some cases!

Here are some suggested topics to go research and get informed about. I talk a lot about this stuff as well here at –but I find that if you go and really research the topic from all different perspectives, you learn better and have a better chance at success!

  • Find out how food groups impact how you look, feel and perform, even if it’s not immediate.
  • Research what foods you should eat to look, feel and perform your best.
  • Identify and find out how to break unhealthy patterns, habits and cravings related to food, and change the relationship you have with food in general.
  • Which foods should you be eating to help speed up the healing process and how some foods you eat actually contribute to keeping you sick, weak and injured
  • Look for ideas and suggestions on how to manage healthy eating while traveling, at home with the family, during social events or in a business setting.
  • How to approach’cheat’ meals/treats so that you don’t become that person. The key is to learn how to have those treats without it completely derailing your overall fitness goals.

I have an updated list of popular Paleo websites on so you can begin to research how to live this lifestyle without it taking over your life in a negative way.  

The point of this post is to really STOP LYING TO YOURSELF –get honest about your nutrition, your fitness program and your life. Is that glass of wine really worth it if it will put you that much farther away from your goals? The goals that you created and said you really wanted? If the answer is yes it’s worth it -then by all means- help yourself! But don’t lie to yourself and wonder why you aren’t seeing the results you want. You create the truth and you hold the key to making progress. The real question is:

Do you really want it? If it is, then own your actions and decisions and put in the work and commitment that it requires to make this approach to living healthy and fit your norm!


  • 800m jog
  • inchworm
  • bear crawl
  • side shuffle
  • pass thrus
  • 10 kick to handstands


  • Power Snatch


  • 12 Power Snatch
  • 10 push ups

rounds: 7+1rep 53/45#

Whole Life Challenge: Changing Lives


Today i am introducing almost 70 people to what clean eating is like and leading up my third Whole Life Challenge. It’s a great and stressful situation at the same time, gearing up for the intro session.

Along with a small group, we have to talk, measure and have them do a benchmark workout to kick it off. Also, I share my story with the group to help them start to think about things in a different light. I don’t talk about Scott and his illness all the time so it does get hard to drudge up all that again. It brings up emotions and stress but I know it’s worth it when you know you are changing lives.

Whole Life Challenge World Wide


Whole Life Challenge World Wide Registration Starts Today!

Today is the first day people can sign up for our third Whole Life Challenge at CrossFit Impavidus. It’s being done a bit differently this time around so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.  It’s going to be done on a larger scale — worldwide, so our athletes will be doing it along other boxes.  I’m excited to help others get their wellness aligned. It’s a lot of work but really fun! And as you know, the success stories inspire everyone!

I will keep you posted on the progress. I am going to participate but not within the challenge parameters. I need to get back on track with my priorities and see how much progress I can make. It’s time to make some great strides in my workouts! I need some more wins!!!!!

This AM was about sprints. When was the last time you went all out and ran your ass off? For me, it was this morning. 200m sprints x 4 = yuck! But my weaknesses are what I need to focus on and running/sprinting is a big one for me. Did I like it? Heck no Do I feel accomplished for today? Yes! Absolutely! And that, right there folks, is what it’s all about. Getting It Done!

Shuttle Runs


Pull Up Progressions: 6 Dead Hang Pull Ups

200m sprints x 4 (:38,:47,:47,:45)

  • (50% 1 RM) 10 Dead Lifts (115#)
  • 10 Burpees

time: 6:22


Cloud Nine


Last night I scored 3 of the 40 athletes in the Whole Life Nutrition/CrossFit Challenge I lead at CrossFit Impavidus — Each one has lost over 25# in 8 weeks and had marked improvement in their strength and conditioning. Those are beyond amazing results no doubt, but for me what was even more rewarding was seeing their faces beaming with pride and happiness at what they achieved. One guy-You could just see how great he felt and just a sense beyond pride and what he had done when it was over. I could see it and feel it and I am on cloud 9 today just thinking about these three athletes. I have 30+ more to score tonight and then it’s party time for all of us!

I am so lucky to be able to help others reach their goals — how can I not continue on with my own fitness and health goals when it brings me such great inspiration?

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Hard to believe its the start of summer and the kids will be out of school in a few short weeks. First, we head to San Fran in a week or so to see my brother, Jon, get married to the love of his life, Kristin.  So excited to be a part of it and to hang with my entire family. All of my brothers and sisters, my in-law sister Janine, my mom AND dad and my niece.  There is tension and stress that comes with being with family for a few days but it is far outweighed by the comfort of being with the people who know you the best and quite frankly, who are genetically alike. Nature is funny that way.

And to get away to San Fran –one of my favorite cities in the US with the people I love will be a welcome break.  As hard as it is to travel with the kiddos, getting away is so worth it. We all really get to bond and share experiences and I love seeing my kids with my brothers and sisters. We didn’t really hang out with a lot of extended family growing up so I love seeing my kiddos make memories with my brothers and sisters. It’s the best feeling seeing them do stuff together. I sit back and watch —

Can you tell I am on Cloud 9 today? I just feel so blessed and amazed at where I am in my life. Open the door to good things and they will come!

Today’s WOD was the WL Challenge WOD:

400m jog
Suicide Drills

800m RFT 3:47
1RM Press (10min) 90#

30 single jump ropes
20 squats
10 sit ups
total: 10  

Add More Spice to Your Life!


Two times a year, I run a Whole Life Challenge for my CrossFit gym. It’s a way to really help people make amazing changes in their life, like I did almost four years ago. I love being able to directly have a hand in improving someone’s life. Someone who may have never even considered changing their diet and exercise routine in the way we are suggesting. Last challenge, we saw some serious life changes taking place before our eyes and it filled my inspiration and motivation tank for quite some time.  This go around, we have more than 40 athletes participating! I am so excited by all the possibilities!!!!

One of the benefits of the challenge is they get a special blog just for the group of athletes, giving the advice, motivation, tips and stories of others before them. I wrote this particular entry for them, but wanted to share it because I know many people starting off eating Paleo don’t use spices to their fullest extent.

The Spice of Life 

One thing you will find as you start to eat cleaner is that spices will be considered one of your best tools!

There is a ton of great info out there about spices and how to use them creatively.  One great resource is Robb Wolf. He suggests getting to know 8 specific spices and herbs to enhance your ‘paleo’ table.

Also it’s important to know some basics about using and storing spices. Here are some general tips about spices from Penzys Spices:

How Much Should You Buy? 

A guideline is to buy a 1 year’s supply of herbs or ground spices and a 1-2 year supply of whole spices.  When in doubt about a spice, smell it. If it smells strong and spicy, use it. If not, toss it!

How Should Spices Be Stored?

To maintain their strong, fresh flavor, spices need to be stored properly. Glass or barrier plastic containers work great. Do not store spices near a heat source! So not on top of your stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, or near a sink. Also make sure spices are not kept near direct sunlight.

Some people suggest keeping spices in the fridge or freezer. Whole, crushed or ground chili peppers will stay fresh and colorful longer when stored in the fridge or freezer during the summer months.  And other than Vanilla beans and extract, keeping spices in the cold won’t damage them.

Best of all, did you know that some spices and herbs have some serious health benefits?

Flavors of certain spices can cause the stomach to produce the gastric juices necessary to digest your food, and a teaspoon of chili power or paprika has enough Vitamin A (beta-carotene) to provide 16 % of your daily requirement.  

You can read more about the health benefits of some spices & herbs at WebMD.

Go ahead and experiment with spices as you begin to explore cooking new and interesting dishes! Once you discover how much flavor they add to your food,  you will be left wondering how you got along without them!

Get Ready to Know Better: Whole Life Challenge


Tomorrow we kick off the Whole Life Challenge at the gym — helping athletes learn how to get on track with their nutrition and fitness. Last time we held this we really changed some people’s lives, so I am so excited to see what happens this go around. It’s one of the most rewarding things I have done. You really see people change before your eyes, not only physically but mentally. They become alive again. It’s inspiring to me! I’m so lucky that I am able to do this for our CrossFit gym. So darn lucky.

The other night I went out with Scott to a restaurant on our regular date night. We went to a pretty popular place in our area — lots of suburbanites and families.  Since I made changes in my life, I always notice the people around me. How do they look, how do their families look and what are they eating. I know some would call it judging but I find it fascinating that you can absolutely see why so many people gain weight and are so out of shape. The crap they eat regularly — fried appetizers, burgers with all the fixins and cheese, soda, bread served before the meal — on top of salads is a ton of dressing, cheese, croutons. It’s no wonder we all overeat. We are socialized to be this way and it gets to the point that you aren’t even aware of how it makes you feel because you feel like that all the time.  You are in a permanent state of sluggishness and until you feel what it’s like to be free of that feeling, you don’t know. So, in essence you don’t know what you don’t know — and how can you fix it? See the problem? It’s programs like this Whole Life Challenge that make a huge difference after 7 days being on it –the fog lifts and people begin to feel what it’s like to live healthy and fit. And for many, they become addicted to that feeling —

Today’s workout —


2m of Double Under practice
10 Squats
10 Good Mornings
10 Sit ups
10 Push Ups


OH Squats


21-15-9 reps of:
65#  Overhead Squats

5:56 time. I used the skinny red band just more for stability than anything else. I am getting so much better with the strength for the Kipping Pull Ups. That is still suck a win for me.

Whole Life Challenge Wrap Up


It’s been a really fun holiday season so far. We are coming up on the one year anniversary of CrossFit Impavidus and it’s just so great to see how the community has flourished.  Great energy, great people — a lot of fun.  I have a feeling these ladies are going to get me into a lot of trouble in the year to come! As Anna says — get Stephanie out of her comfort zone!

Today’s workout was a repeat of the first Whole Life Challenge workout to see how far we have come. And I definitely showed improvement which was shocking, considering that it was freezing this morning and I could not for the life of me, get a deep breath in while I was running. I stopped 2x just to try to relax my breathing and still did a bit better than last time. Imagine if it weren’t cold how much faster I would have been.

1 lap run
50m walking lunges
25m broad jump
25m heel to butt
25m rockette kicks
25m high knees
— x2
10 pass thrus
10 good mornings
10 OHS
10 Whirly Birds

Review of challenge WOD

For the CFI Whole Life Nutrition athletes.
800m run
Shoulder Press 1RM You have 10 minutes to find your 1RM for shoulder press.

10 minute AMRAP (Reps)
30 Jump Rope (Single)
20 Air Squats
10 Sit-up (standard)
NO AB-MAT for the sit-ups
run: 3:56
1 RM: 90#
Reps: 601

It was a good workout this AM. I felt good although it was seriously tough to run with that cold air hitting my lungs. That is frustrating to me but it is what it is — I recouped and ran on.

I was this quote from a very inspiring guy: The Anti-Jared that i wanted to share — “Excuses have more calories than anything else.

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