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Revisiting [solidcore]


A friend sent this article to me today: What Happens When You Follow Your Passion and it got me thinking more about how to do that… I’ve been struggling with finding a path to explore what I am passionate about. It’s frustrating for sure but as quotes say – sometimes the hardest part of any journey is right before a breakthrough…

Jury Duty Fun

Yesterday, I had a busy day. First, I had my turn at serving jury duty. After a few hours of sitting there and the selection process, I was dismissed as a juror for a criminal trial. I’ve never been in a court room, let alone seen how it all goes down. Just like on TV, it was pretty slow, stuffy, rigid and old fashioned. I couldn’t help but notice that everything in the court room was wood and rigid. Sitting there for an hour or so was not what I would consider comfortable.

During the selection process, the judge, prosecutor and defense attorney each took their turn asking generally benign questions. It’s so interesting to see how it all goes down and how people filter questions differently. But man it goes slow and seems to be very low tech.  Anyway, I was dismissed for whatever reason and now I can say”been there, done that’ (until the next time…)

solidcore - FairfaxRevisiting [solidcore]

Later in the evening, I met up with my dear friend Mastaneh and we drove to [SolidCore]. You may remember me sharing my experience doing a class last March, when we hit up the one in Ballston.

What is [solidcore]? 

Someone online described it as “Pilates on Steroids”. Ive never done Pilates, but I can tell you it was the kind of workout where I literally hated it while doing it but when it was over – i felt great and wanted to do it again to challenge myself to get the hang of it. You use a megaformer machine for the 50 minute class. It’s all slow, controlled movements focusing on core muscles. The classes are kept small so the instructor can give everyone the attention needed.  Depending on the movement, you would do a 4-6 count to ensure you are really working the muscle.

This one just opened in the Mosaic District in Fairfax and we brought along some extra pals.  Let’s just say that it was as hard as I remember and I was not the only one of that opinion. Even my boxing instructor, Alex, who joined us agreed.

When we were done, it was like a sweat festival. Not only was I drenched with sweat, my muscles were twitching for some time afterwards. I am definitely feeling the results of all that slow, deliberate core stuff today.    Amd after the class, the instructor told us how great we were, especially because we were beginners and it was because of how strong we all were.

Thoughts about [solidcore]


I wish that [Solidcore] was closer and/or in Loudoun County. Right now they are focused on the immediate DC area. I’m sure the demographic is good there but Loudoun County is the richest county in the country so that should count for something.


I’m not usually one to balk at certain things cost wise. I believe that for me – my health and fitness is worth paying for if it works. I could pay 20 bucks a month at a regular gym but I know it’s not going to work long term for me. I need to workout with others and have an instructor lead the way.  I’m willing to pay a bit more for it because it works.  A lot of folks pay that low monthly membership at their gym but rarely go or go and do the same thing all the time – seeing little to any results. That is a waste of money no matter how cheap.

[solidcore] is pretty expensive even to me- up to $34/class although they are running specials. The classes are limited because everyone works on a reformer machine, so I get why they charge more but it still seems a bit more than I would be willing to pay on a regular basis.


The instructor was great and it was a great workout. Very different than the other stuff I do but different in a great way. I would definitely add a class or two into my regular overall monthly training if it were closer. It’s easy to see how strong, limber and flexible you can become by doing it regularly.

[WRG id=11032]

Be Kind

Stories of kindness and bravery are the stories we should be sharing and talking about more…

RIP: Nicholas Winton, Who Saved Hundreds Of Jewish Children From The Holocaust, Dies At 106

Dubbed the “British Schindler,” Winton helped 669 Jewish children avoid a grim fate by smuggling them out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

Yoga: Your Hips Are Telling You Something


My internet connection has been out all day so that’s why I am delayed in posting today!! My apologies!

I think the winter haze has finally left the DC area – today is supposed to get into the 60’s and I see the rays of the sun shining down. I need the darkness of winter to go away -it has affected me quite a bit this year. I think with me working from home combined with the blahness of winter and some crazy weather patterns thrown in the mix, I am not on top of my game. Mentally or physically. I am counting on spring to shuttle in some renewed energy and spirit for me — come on Spring!!

It’s the FIRST of APRIL!! Hard to believe that March is already done – I am two weeks away from my annual HB and I trip to San Fran and will meet both of my little nieces, Abigail and Simon, for the first time. Amelia, my three year old niece better be ready too. Hannah is so excited and I love watching her hang out with family. You can tell she just feels at home. I always say that there really is something about being around family – you can go for long periods of time without seeing them – but when you get back together, you feel at home.

As I mentioned, I have added some yoga to my workout repertoire to help with my mobility. My sister does it as well and were were talking about how tight our hips are and which poses we like.  She mentioned that your hip flexors tend to be a place where you hold a lot of emotions.  Have you ever had a super intense workout that brought you to tears? Not tears of physical pain, but bubbled up emotions and stress and you start to cry?  I had never heard that before so I looked it up and sure enough found some info on it. I think this quote really captures what’s going on when we finally feel the release — our bodies are forcing the emotions up so we are forced to deal with them.


Unleash your baggage“Our feelings are stuck in our bodies because our minds don’t want to deal with them.”

The lesson learned is that if you are under a lot of stress, and are really physically tight – try some hip opening exercises and YOGA to help unleash the baggage.




Try Something New

A friend of mine asked me to get word out for folks in the Ashburn/LoCo area –Kore Krav Maga Ashburn

Kore Krav Maga is offering a 4 week course starting April 26th. Kra Maga is a great mental and physical workout that can ultimately save your life if you ever need it… What’s not to love??

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Create Happiness



Change: A Constant In Every Life


So instead of my usual Highbar CrossFit class this morning, I slept in and went to a hot yoga class instead. I have mentioned recently that my shoulders have really felt tight and I am just generally feeling a bit out of balance. I was thinking last night that it’s been almost six months without a break from CrossFit. I usually find myself taking some sort of vacation trip for a week or so during any six month period and use that as a good solid rest period.  I haven’t done that this time –and add to it some extra stress that.  I am starting to feel the effects of burn out, which, in the past,  has been addressed through some solid rest.

The extra stress was the reality of getting laid off from my job in a less than ideal way and adjusting to a new way of life.  And as great as this new life is,  including how well it’s going – it still means change and has shifted my entire way of life.

Which brings me to the point today  – In this morning’s yoga class, Christina, the instructor, chose Change as the change quotetheme to talk about. Change is a reality of life yet it’s something that many of us fear. It happens each and every day – Winter changes to Spring changes to Summer changes to Fall. Change is a constant in each of our lives.

During this last period of change, after being upset and angry, I consciously decided to go with it.  I reminded myself how every time something out of my control has happened, it has led me to a better place. It may not be the place I had in mind or even better at first glance- but it got there. I learned something. I made progress. I grew.  And I end up looking back with sincere appreciation. And thinking like that has allowed me to let go of the fear and embrace change. I needed it.

Fear can hold us back from heading down the path that we are meant to be on and once we see that – change becomes a lot less scary.

Christina said If we are never off balance, how will we ever know to readjust.

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1 hour of Hot Yoga


Quieting The Mind


Today’s workout was tough — I knew I was going to have a hard time as soon as I walked in. I realized my energy wasn’t where it needed to be this morning. I have finished Day Three of my refocus/detox and my body is mad at me. I also had a ton of stuff rolling around in my head this morning and couldn’t clear the noise to focus. It reminded me how I need to work on quieting my mind. Coach Dan mentioned that I should look into mediation. He did and he’s convinced it has helped him become the athlete he is today.

He suggested reading a book called Deep Meditation. I am going to look into it today and see what it’s all about. Anything to help quiet my mind, I’m into!

5min AMRAP

10 wall balls
10 ring rows

2min Rest

5min AMRAP
5 burpees
10 Slam Balls

1min Rest

800m run

Mobility work


Progress means Changing


ChangeYesterday morning, I tried some Hot Yoga for Beginners at Flow Yoga in Ashburn. It was challenging for sure, but not as hard as I thought it would be. All that mobility that I do – day in and out – seems to work. I definitely need to work on flexibility and mobility though so I am going to start adding one or two days a week into the mix. Plus one thing I definitely need to do is learn to quiet my mind. I think overall that was one of the tougher parts of the class for me. It’s too easy for my mind to wander and start thinking about all the stuff I have to do, the issues I am trying to resolve. That’s going to be a super great benefit of yoga if I can really get into it. I will learn to ‘turn off’ once in a while.

Today was our last week before our test week of strength training — and we are going a bit lighter so we can be full potential next week during our TEST. Should I be nervous???

200m jog
10 squats
10 push ups
4 sampson stretch
4 instep lunges
10 squats

5×5 Back Squat


  • 400m run
  • 21 KB Swings 1 pood
  • 12 Kipping Pull Ups

time: 14:59 



Yoga for Strength Training and Flexibility


One of the greatest benefits of blogging about my journey towards health and fitness is I get to meet and connect with some amazing people. People from all over the world, all types of backgrounds, education, perspectives and experiences. It was an aspect that I never considered or imagined when I began blogging regularly after Scotty’s colon cancer diagnosis.  So- from time to time, I am going to invite guests to contribute to and have them write about aspects of health and fitness.  It really does takes a community of fit-minded, healthy people to help reignite and/or solidify your commitment to your journey. So thank you to my first guest blogger – Maria Rainier!

Yoga for Strength Training and Flexibility

Yoga may conjure up images of “ohm” chanting, legging wearing, hippies with long hair and sleepy voices. However, regular practice can help build muscle, reduce the risk of injury, and improve flexibility. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all types can find benefits in incorporating a yoga routine into their regular workout schedule.

It Helps Build Muscle

For those who want to bulk up and add a great deal of muscle, weight lifting will be best. However, regular yoga practice can create a strong, toned physique through resistance training. Many of the poses work against your own body weight, thereby building muscle. The poses also incorporate a number of muscle groups and supporting muscles, in much the same way that a free-weight routine does. Not only are you building strength, but you are activating more muscles and for a longer period of time.

It Helps Reduce Injury

Because yoga incorporates a wide range of muscle groups and supporting muscles, it strengthens and tones the whole body, reducing the risk of injury. Many strength-training routines tend to focus on “mirror muscles” such as the biceps, chest, abs, and thighs. This can lead to imbalances, leading to spinal misalignment. Yoga helps to strengthen the total body, leading to better posture, better range of motion, and greater endurance, leading to less chance of injury.

It Helps Improve Your Next Workout

Because yoga helps improve your total endurance, it can improve your next workout – be it strength training or cardio. A typical strength-training set may include 10-12 reps, lasting a few seconds each. Yoga poses are held for several minutes each, some as much as five or 10 minutes. This will improve your muscular endurance and overall stamina.

It Helps Speed Recovery

Yoga helps improve blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, flushing out lactic acid and other waste buildup, and speeding recovery time. It also helps to relieve sore and tired muscles, providing a gentle stretch that counteracts the contraction of the muscles. The soothing movement also helps reduce inflammation in the muscle, which helps improve overall balance throughout the body.

It Increases Flexibility

Of course, one of the most known benefits of yoga practice is that it helps you build flexibility. For those who strength train regularly, increased flexibility means greater range of motion, and that means the ability to push yourself further and a reduced risk of injury.

Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education where she writes about education, online degree programs, and what it takes to succeed as a remote student in online schools. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

SweetGreen Hosts Free Yoga Sessions FTW!


I love companies that really give back what they are ‘selling’ — SweetGreen in Reston Town Center is hosting free yoga weekend for their neighborhood at Down Dog Yoga — which happens to be super close to where I work.  What a great idea – host a free yoga session to promote healthy and fit living! SweetGreen FTW! (means For the Win!)

free yoga weekend headline
free yoga weekend image

We’re continuing the free yoga trend and spreading the love to our yogis by our store in Reston, VA! We partnered up with Down Dog Yoga Herndon to provide free classes to our neighbors on Friday, December 10th and Saturday, December 11th. That’s right – classes at one of the best studios in the area, entirely covered by sweetgreen!

Come join us for an OM-azing session using these easy steps:

1) “Like” us on Facebook!
2) Go to Down Dog Yoga’s website for the schedule and register for any class on the 10th or 11th (make sure to click on the Herndon tab!). Drop-in spaces are also available for those who aren’t into online commitment.
3) Get your free sweetgreen gift bag from the instructor after class and fill that post-yoga tummy with sweetgreen salad and frozen yogurt at sweetgreen Reston Town Center!

WOW – real deals for real people


WOW –real deals for real people.
I have been missing my husband Scotty lately all because he has been working super hard with his team at Aol. on this new product – called WOW real deals for real people. Think group deals with the influence and deal making power because of the sheer number of Aol. users. The team at Aol. have been working night and day to bring this to market and I know it’s going to deliver!

Free Yoga Session for Kids at Flow Yoga in Leesburg
My friend Marcia is an awesome person and practices Yoga – and asked me to let others know about Free Kids Yoga this Saturday at Flow Yoga in Leesburg for kids 3-8! Have your kids try something new… related!

And dont forget –

Nordstrom Beauty Event at Tysons Corner
Cosmetics Trend Show Saturday, November 13, 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Join us to paint the town beautiful highlighting the newest makeup, skincare and fragrance must-haves. Industry experts will update you on the latest beauty trends and share their secrets. Tickets are $15 and are redeemable towards your Cosmetics purchase of $15 or more on the day of the event. Plus, receive a gift for attending the show, while the supply lasts. To purchase a ticket, please call the store and ask for your favorite cosmetics counter. *Offer valid on event date for cosmetic department purchases over $15.00 only

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