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Coffee As An Antioxidant Source – How Good Is It?

The results of a long-term study on the impact of coffee consumption on aggressive prostate cancer indicate there may be tangible health benefits.  A study that lasted 20-years and included nearly 50,000 men showed that regular coffee consumption reduced the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.  Those men who consumed 6 cups of coffee daily saw a 41% reduction in their risk of developing the disease.

Coffee has also been shown to reduce the risk of adult dementia by as much as 65%, as well as reducing the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, and even gout.

I love my coffee in the AM – and my trainer says no coffee! Just water! Well – I think everything in moderation – the one cup I have a day is good after all!


Interval training is high intensity work, interspersed with short intervals of rest. The main idea: rest intervals allow more work to be completed at a higher level of intensity than can be accomplished with steady state training.

Eating Ramen Instant Noodles – How Much Risk Are You Taking?

We all remember eating ramen in college — well that’s not entirely true. I don’t think I did to be honest – just not my thing. I sure did know a lot of people who did and looking back – none of us really looked at nutrition labels. My how times have changed. Shocking to see the actual “value” of ramen noodles.

U.S. To Improve School Meals and Children’s Health | Gov Monitor.

USDA Food and Nutrition Service Administrator Julie Paradis today highlighted the Obama Administration’s priorities for improving school meals and the health of children across the nation.

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