Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot, Hot, Hot – did I mention it’s hot out there? I seriously only want to nap when it gets this hot — under a fan on high and the AC running. I lived in Arizona for many years and that’s one kind of heat. It’s hot for sure but low humidity. Here, in DC we are having temps around 100-102 but with super high humidity. It’s brutal tropical weather — it’s my least favorite type of weather. I can take cold, I can take low humidity heat — combine heat and humidity – it’s not my idea of a perfect day to put it mildly.

Today’s open Workout was a Team WOD:


For Time:
800 m Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Box Jumps
300 Sit-up (abmat)s
800 m Run

Post total time.

With a team of 2, both members run the first 800 m. As soon as either team member finishes the run, they can begin on the pull-ups. Only one team member is allowed to do the exercises at a time. Once 100 pull-ups have been completed between the two members, they can move on to the box jumps again following the same procedure as the pull-ups and for the sit-ups. Once the sit-ups are done, both team members must complete the last 800 m. Clock stops when both team members finish.

time: 37:06 –my partner Brooke and I came in 2nd to give you some idea of how hard it was. I was taking water breaks right and left. I don’t mess around with heat like this — no one should.

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