Commitment and Focus are Ingredients for Change



This is such a good quote because although Luck does play a part in so much of what happens — you have to focus and commit to make things happen. Because as sad as it is, things just don’t

‘happen’ when you are sitting on the sidelines. You have to clear a path, get rid of the shit that is holding you back, jump when you aren’t sure where you will land sometimes. Take chances, try something different just because. Too many of us go around not happy – either with our jobs, or our family life, or with ourselves. The reality is we have the power to change the state of things if we — focus and commit to it! Promise!

I was all set up to go workout this morning, but my quads are so sore. Earlier this week it was my calves from my run on Sunday and now my quads! Sore is good don’t get me wrong, but I decided to rest. I will be taking out the old Lacrosse ball and rolling them out later. I wish I had someone that could smash my legs –perhaps I can talk Scotty into stepping on me later. TMI I know.. .ha ha!

Have a great, great day –don’t let anyone get inside your head so much that they cause the day to spoil! It’s not worth it! Go get em tiger!


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