Go Lift One of the things I am learning to do is to take rest periods between my lifts seriously. I have always been more apt to rush through all my sets – getting it done fast so I can be done with it. I didn’t really understand the science behind strength training and what the benefit of resting between sets was for. My new coaches have really taken the time to explain to me why it’s so important.

I just read this post about it as well:

Rest Between Sets: How Much Do You Need?

“Longer rest gives you more reps, with three to five minutes being the most consistent for performance.”

Strength training is all about timing — our muscles and central nervous system need time to recover from lifting heavy. Resting three – five minutes between sets can help you quickly recover and allow you to do more.

Understanding Rest Between Sets 

Just this morning I was doing my 5×5 back squats.  In the span of 25 minutes – with some warm up sets to ramp up to 163# – I was only really squatting for a total of two minutes or so. It was a lot of work for two minutes. Who ever says that strength training isn’t cardio hasn’t lifted heavy enough! I force myself to rest between my sets and sometimes it’s tough to wait it out. Ultimately though – it’s worth it. I am seeing more results now than I have ever seen strength wise and my body is taking on more definition.

It really is the small tweaks that you learn from experienced coaches that can make all the difference. Yesterday, I was able to perform the Power Clean transition over and over again – something I haven’t been able to do until last week!  My coaches Randy and Dan have been working with me on it — small tweaks, video and practice! Go back to the fundamentals and work the positions – that is seriously what it takes.

Once you progress beyond beginner strength training, the magic happens when you tweak your form. Always go back to the fundamentals – and perfect them. Plain and simple!

5×5 Back Squat

5 mins AMRAP
10 KB Swings
10 Ring Dips
–2min Plank Hold–
2 rounds
200m sprint
40m bear crawls (10m down/jog back)

Also, I want you to notice that for as long as I have been doing this — I am still making progress and learning, each and every day. That is what drives me and it’s what I need in a training program in order to continue to feel motivated and inspired to do it week after week. If you are stagnant and feeling blah about your workouts – or anything in your life – it’s time to step back and evaluate whether it is really meeting your needs. In the end, we all have to do what’s best for us at the time and based on where we are and what we want. It’s always important to continually evaluate whatever we do to ensure it is still meeting our needs. Change is a part of life —