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Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries


During our workout today, I ran into some tall guy and hit my nose right on his chest bone. Talk about seeing stars! We both hit at full force and I was the casualty. It’s tender and bruised and if it keeps up, I will see the doc.

We did a team workout —

100 single jump ropes
box jumps
sit ups

While one team mate does the 100 reps, the rest of the team keeps plugging away at the other stations and when they are done – you go to the next one. Our team got almost 1000 reps total.

I am going to try this recipe this week: Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries


  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, cut into thin matchsticks
  • 8 oz bacon, don’t use thick cut


Get your oven to 425°F and place your oven rack in the center of the oven.

Slice each piece of bacon in half, lengthwise and then in half, widthwise. So you’ll have 4 strips cut from 1 piece of bacon. Wrap 1 strip of bacon around 1 matchstick sweet potato. Lay on a baking sheet that’s been lined with a silicone pat or parchment paper. Repeat until all the bacon is gone. If you have left over sweet potatoes, toss ‘em on the pan too, they’ll cook beautifully in all the rendered bacon fat.

Bake for 15 minutes until the sweet potatoes feel soft. Then turn the oven to broil and let the tops get crispy.


Well hello, Fran!:Crossfit WOD


Today I met Fran. For those familiar with Crossfit, Fran is a benchmark WOD. Long time Crossfitters all know their “fran” time.

65lb Thrusters
Pull ups (green band assisted)
Fran time: 6:35

Some caveats to my time: For some reason I had it in my head to power clean every rep in the beginning so that obviously affected my time. I also have yet to conquer a ‘Kip’ so my pull ups were a bit of a challenge.

One of the great things about Crossfit Impavidus is they really are great coaches. So the workouts are great, but the coaching you get makes all the difference. After ‘Fran’, Jerry worked with me on Kipping. He helped me get the first part which is the swing. I haven’t been able to get that in the year that I have been trying. He set things up and we worked on the first part, which is the swing back and forth. I didn’t realize that I was bending my arms during that time — and also I am not very flexible in the lower back. So I am going to start doing some extra lumbar/lower back exercises to help loosen me up. It will help me with the Kip swing we think. So we did the swing – and sure enough with his coaching – I got it and did at least one Kip Pull Up! SUCCESS yet again. I am going to work on it to get the feel right and then I will figure out the transition from the Kip Pull up back into the swing to do another — step by step. It really is all about technique.

Another validation that switching trainers was the right thing. My old trainer never spent one on one time with me, really watching what exactly I was doing and adjusting my form so that I could nail the technique. I have the arm and shoulder strength, so it definitely is technique. So first the Double Under technique, now the Kip Swing. 2 things I have been working on for well over a year — I wouldn’t say I nailed them down, but I am farther than I have ever been and I know that I will get them this year.

Now after Fran, I was spent. It may not seem like a big deal — 21,15,9 but holy heck! It is. Jerry was helping me with learning the Kip Swing and we were finishing up. I went to step on the box to release my foot from the band and lost my footing and didn’t grab the pull up bar in time — and BOOM! went down, hard. I sat there for a sec. You know that shock you get as your body is trying to figure out WTF happened? Well I don’t have any major injuries – some scrapes and bruising. I fell on the side of my back side — so I know that’s gonna hurt bad. It’s already starting — I got home and my kids said – Mom, you are tough. It looks cool!

Friday Group Training Workout


Chilly mornings make it tough to get up but one good thing about it being a habit — you don’t even let that deter you. It goes back to that sleep monster voice — I am getting really good at muting it. Its like the exercise I do each morning — you get better the more you do it!

2m jump rope

1m rounds
hip missions
planks with a 10lb plate on your back & lifting alternate arms/legs
general stretching
40 push-ups

single arm raises 30lb dbs
back squats 135lb
hyper hamstring curls
power clean snatch 45lb
TBUs 25lb kettlebell
200m run

PT Station
35lb KB one arm swings
100m run
assisted rope climb (Mikey gives you a leg up)

My pulled muscle is still bothering me somewhat. It’s def better though. I had a rough time doing the TGU’s during the part where you have to lean on your left side while pushing yourself up to a sitting position. The weight of my body stresses it and I tend to buckle. Other movements don’t bother it as much — like a single arm press on my back. It’s definitely moving in a certain way where I can feel it — I have no idea what a reasonable amount of time is for healing — but when I get injured in some way, it sure seems like it takes a while for me to recover. I am sure everyone is thinking — heck, it’s because you continually work out – how can your body heal? Who knows —

Pre-weekend HIIT workout


I thought my bicep muscle pull was feeling a bit better until I did my usual push-ups and then did a 90lb push press to start off my day. Michael – my trainer – let me go down in weight for the push press to 75lbs during the 2nd round. I am going to ice it today to see if I can help move along the healing. Ahh, such is the life of an athlete!

I stopped by a goodbye Happy Hour yesterday after work for someone at my company that i had worked with on a few projects in my early days — I had only water. As I mentioned last week, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone a bit. The HH was with a group of co-workers I don’t get to work with often and it really gives you a different perspective of how things are within your company. The grass is not greener anywhere really — we all have our challenges and things we would like to change.

My HIIT training is done for the week –tomorrow is my run with Kimmy and Jacky the dog!

450m run

toe touches
urkles -(making large circles with your legs and hands behind your head)
general stretching
40 push-ups

65lb lateral squat
SDHP 85lbs
25lb kb windmills
40lb db squats
ring dips w 25lb vest
90lbs/75 lb push press

PT Station
Ring Pull ups
100 jump ropes
plyo pushups/2

Exercise with an injured foot


Mikey switched it up today and had us do Tuesday’s workout on a Monday. Imagine the horror!! He said he was trying to shake our bodies up –but between us, I think he forgot what day it was and set up for the Tuesday workout. We will never know!

The pic to the left is my foot after a cooking mishap yesterday. I was busying talking, turned to resume something at my kitchen counter and some kitchen shears stabbed me in the foot. Yeah it hurt but as I was jumping up and down saying Ow Ow Ow, I failed to notice the blood spurting around.  The shears punctured my foot and although once we applied pressure to the foot, it did stop bleeding but it hurts and it’s all bruised.  I must have hit a vein that was close to the skin. One of the great things about boot camp though is we have women from all careers and sure enough we have a nurse — Jen P looked at it and said make sure I have an up to date Tetnus, use neosporin and watch it for infection.

Here’s a pic of Jen P — She looks like a model doesn’t she!? She’s one of the many amazing ladies I get to hang with every morning — you should see her workout – Strong and fast! Inspiring ———— It’s always fun to see the ladies outside of working out too. All gussied up and dressed instead of dressed to workout.

Anyways — The puncture wound did indeed affect my workout and halfway thru the first 800 m run my foot began to throb and hurt so I stopped after the 400 round and went thru the rest of the workout with some modifications so I didn’t have to flex my foot. It’s always something. Just when my body wasn’t hurting and I was re-ignited with working out, something happens. It’s life and I will deal like I always do. It wouldn’t be Stephanie without some sort of physical mishap.

Rockette Kicks
Forward Lunge

pilate half-pikes
bicycle up and downs
25 bottom up push-ups
general stretching

workout — modified for my foot today
400,200,200,100m run (for me it was a hobble, power walk session)
SDHP 65lb
25lb db split jerks (each side) I did just shoulder presses
woodchucks (20)
Sandbag dead lifts (45lb) x2

Things that make you go hmmmm


There are times when you wake up in the morning and you mentally and physically aren’t where you need to be to workout.  You aren’t feeling it. Sometimes you should ignore the  voice, but other times – you should listen.  Today was one of those days when I should have listened.   I just wasn’t feeling like myself and even on the way to camp, my voice was saying you need to rest. But commitment and routine won out.  All was going fine until I started the circuit and whacked the upside of my nose with a 45lb barbell.  You can probably imagine how much that hurt. I am grateful that I didn’t break my nose and no blood was seen.  So, I stopped to regain my composure, resumed my split jerk, head to jump ropes, finish that and as I am walking to the wall ball squats, I get whacked with a jump rope.  I yelled out a loud angry DAMMIT!, stopped again to compose myself and resumed the workout with a lot of angry energy.

My nose still hurts and mentally I am beat up. I do have to hand it to my Plumbline Ladies though. They know when I am not myself and were there to push and support me through the rest of the workout. My girl Kim was there for me all the way.

Anyway – I am happy that’s done for the day. I have to really figure out WTF is going on internally with me. I seem to be out of sorts in all areas of my life right now.  The dr office incident, the getting hurt this past month, and Nate has strep. It’s a lot of stress and I don’t seem to be getting a handle on it like I usually do.

Things that make you go hmmmm!

Plumbline Training workout:

Warmup x 2
skip jumps

Core x 2
partner ball toss 14lb
partner situps
25 reverse high 5 pushups

45lb split jerks
100 jump rope
wall ball squats
200m run
25lb kettlebell swings

Woe is I


Oh how I wish I could do yesterday over. Back pain is bad and the meds the doctor gave me knock me out — so in between sleeping, I have been getting up to walk around so I don’t stiffen up. Needless to say, I did not workout this morning. I am hoping a rest day today will mean I am ok to go for a run this weekend.

Scotty said to me yesterday — athletes get hurt! In a funny way I took that as a compliment – I am an athlete. Never thought I would see the day when that was a solid description of me!

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