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Meet the Parallettes


Today’s WOD was a bit different than anything I have done — Crossfit Impavidus incorporates gymnastics into their WODs which I personally think is awesome! Today I was introduced to the parallettes. My shoulders and arms are already hurting and its less than hour since we used them!

20 air squats
20 Jumping Jacks
10 push ups

parallettes shoot thrus

Shoot Thrus

Time: 9:58

WOD + Challenge


Today’s WOD at Crossfit Impavidus was all about kettle bells and box jumps! I am feeling yesterday’s WOD of Burpees and Dead lifts. I unwrapped my Foam Roller and used it to work out the muscles in my abductors/inductor area.  It’s like getting a painful massage — not sure where the joy is in that but it works out the tight/sore muscles.

10 DUs
10 burpees
10 pass thrus
Squat Therapy

KB Swings
10 Air Squats

35lb KB Swings
24in Box Jumps

2m Challenge

45lb OH Squats = 50 reps

New Beginnings —


Great workout at Crossfit Impavidus this morning. Going to a new box is like getting used to a new boyfriend. They don’t know much about you yet, they think they like you, you have stuff in common but it’s still not super comfortable. I am sure it will be pretty soon.  It’s a good group working out and Coach Nick is awesome.   It will take some time for me to feel completely at home but I can tell I will.  Also, I get an extra 15m of sleep because the class starts 15m later, and it’s much closer — so no 15m drive for me! I may even get an extra 25m sleep once I get used to this new routine. More sleep is a win in my book!

When I got there and saw the actual WOD was 12m, the first thought was that’s it!!?, but after doing it — it kicks your butt. I burned more calories doing that workout in 12m than I did in my old camp, although I did do heavier weights in the latter. Crossfit’s philosophy is keep moving and when I used to do heavier weights, I had to stop often because it was simply too heavy. Lowering the weights allows me to keep moving, which allows me to burn more calories.

20 jump jacks
burgener warm up
10 push ups
PVC Pass Thrus


50ft Walking Lunges w/25lb Plate
Snatch 45lb

7 Rounds completed

I also practiced Double Unders again and got a few before my jump rope broke in two. How powerful am I? Ha!

Double Unders are no longer Elusive


Great workout at Crossfit Impavidus this morning.  Saturday mornings at 10a the team offers free WODs so people can come and check it out. They had another great turnout and it was a really fun WOD. We were broken in teams of 4 and worked as a group and counted reps. We named our teams and the team with the highest # of reps at the end — was the winner.

General Stretching
10 dive bombing
10 Speed Skaters
10 PVC pipe Thrusters
10 PVC pipe SDHP


45lb SDHP
10 burpees
35lb Thrusters
Butterfly crunches w/ Ab Mat

Afterwards, I stayed to practice my DUs (double unders). A great guy named Jerimiah was doing them too and took the time to work with me and in about 5 mins — I was doing them too! Not super fast, but consistently which is what matters. He had watched me and we realized that something that may help me is to do it to a rhythm. So when I hear the rope him the ground, it’s time to make the DU move. I also found out my rope was too short — so — I did them quite a few times over and over again. I was so happy! Success!!! This has been one of those moves that has eluded me for so long, so to finally get it — the feeling was nothing short of JOY!

Back Squats


Headed to Crossfit Impavidus this morning. CFI is closer and the class starts 15 mins later than my old camp so I get to sleep in a bit more and still get home at the same time. That’s a win in my book —

Today was strength day: Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3. What this means is you work your way up to doing the back squat with your max weight  for 5 rounds/3 reps each round.  Because we just started with this group — we started off too light. I couldn’t remember what my max weight was so I started off with 95lbs, which was way too light.  Then I moved up to 135lb, then 165lb then ended with a max of 195lb. Now 195lb was tough — but it wasn’t impossible so I know that is not my max weight. Next time we do this strength WOD – I will start off in the 180lb range —

We use this website called to track our WODs and progress – so after a workout, I come home and log it and the next time we do that back squat workout, I have a benchmark to compare it to. Pretty cool.

Another snow day for the kiddos. This is now 3 snow days in a row, plus Hannah was out Friday and Monday so she has not seen the inside of her school bldg in a week! These kids need to get their butts to school already. We all need the break from one another!

CFI Workout


Today was a Plumbline rest day so I headed to Crossfit Impavidus for a morning workout. I have been wanting to do an early morning WOD with some of the new group. I woke up to snow but as you know — that’s not something that will stop me. I got there and one other crossfitter showed up. So Colleen and I did the WOD together with Coach Nick!

Crossfit posts the WOD (workout of the day) at their site so you can mentally prepare for what’s to come and if you miss a WOD you can make it up on your own if possible…

40 jumping jacks
10 burpees
10 air squats

Hang Clean Snatch

2m DUs
3 Rounds for Time
15 Walking Lunges (each leg)
15 pull ups
15 Thrusters 65lb
15 KTE
2m DUs
26:30 Time

Colleen rocked it and we both finished at the same time. Although she did wait for me to finish my final KTE so we could do the DUs together. Now that’s team work!! She thanked me after wards for coming because she was not that thrilled with the thought of doing the 6a workout alone!

My hands are killing me with calluses especially since someone accidentally swiped my lifting gloves before the workout!

1m AMRAP x3


As I mentioned, CFI had a free WOD today for anyone wanting to check it out. The set up was great too — 20 people broken up in groups of 5 and each group had a coach and they watched you as you did the WOD.

Jog around the bldg
Sampson Stretch
PVC Pipe stretch to open up the shoulders
push ups

Crossfit Impavidus WOD

1m AMRAP x3
box jumps
40lb KB swings
10lb wall ball squats

1m rest in between rounds. This WOD challenged my cardio strength and I was happy it was over! The Knee to elbow is tough — no help. Jump up to reach the bars, hang and start. My hands hurt.

And to follow up with how last night’s indulgence affected the workout — the verdict is that I was not at my best and felt the pizza grease the more I did. Definitely not an ideal meal to eat and then workout —

A Junk Food Hangover


So, last night I had Pizza. Cheesy, greasy Pizza. It’s hard living paleo all the time and sometimes it really is easier to just say Ahh, the hell with it — I want Pizza! So I did and I didn’t just have one slice — I think I had 3. I took off half the cheese like I am used to doing and it really was like a drug to me. Then i had a bowl of Mint Chip Ice Cream. I was like an addict having their drug. Something really did take over my mind as I mindlessly grab the Ice Cream container. I knew I shouldn’t be sitting there doing that — but I wanted it so badly. So – I made it right in my head. “Oh, it’s one night — everyone can have a cheat day. It’s fine –It’s not going to kill me.”

I went to bed later than usual — couldn’t sleep and woke up quite a few times last nite. Tossed, turned, had some odd dreams. I woke up this morning, later than usual and felt like shit.  I am all congested, sluggish. I feel like I have a hangover, seriously. I have a slight headache and I have that feeling of ‘man, I shouldnt’ have done that”. A Junk Food Hangover.

I am going to head to Crossfit Impavidus this morning for a WOD — will be interesting to see how this hangover affects my workout.

So the moral of the story — as yummy as it was — it’s totally not worth the after effects that I get. I like feeling up and rarin to go — this sluggish-ness bites.

Murph Workout at Crossfit


When someone says ‘nope, no running outside in the winter’, I tend to believe them. Apparently I am naive  because I got up and went to a WOD at Crossfit Impavidus. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? 2 half mile runs OUTSIDE! I did get to sleep in 45 extra minutes – so that was a bonus!

General Stretching

1/4 Murph
1/2 m run
25 pull ups
50 push ups
75 air squats
1/2m run
Total time: 19:08

Coach Conan suggested to benchmark my first Murph WOD, I should do the 1/4 but next time I should do 1/2 murph. Looking at the actual full Murph — it looks grueling….

Murph WOD
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Even the score workout


I headed to another workout for the day — partly it’s to keep me busy during my week off and partly it’s because I have been totally out of control eating wise the past 3 days. Not that I am eating a ton but I have been having bread/wheat and I totally feel horrible. I can feel what that crap does to me after I eat it. I know I feel better eating paleo — but knowing and doing are 2 different things. Holiday time is a time of temptation and while I can usually stay strong under my normal routine, it seems to be a much bigger challenge for me when I am home hanging out with friends and family. I am so paranoid about it all that the work outs are my way of evening out the eating —

And Crossfit Impavidus is still holding friends and family WODs to test out the space — so I cant pass up a free WOD

2m jump rope
bear crawl x2
crab walk x2


10 pull up
10 135# deadlifts
20 double unders

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