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Kids: Obesity & Its Effect on Learning

I have been doing a lot of research about Childhood Obesity and its effect on learning and have compiled a list of recent articles and research about how lack of exercise and feeding kids crap affect their ability to learn big time. You can’t dispute more »

School Physical Ed Not Helping In The Fight Against Obesity

No shocker in this info….   Physical Education Programs In School Not Enough To Combat Obesity In Most States: Study Only six states nationwide require the recommended 150 minutes of elementary school-based physical education, according to a study by University of Georgia kinesiology professor Bryan McCullick. more »

Talking Around the Obesity Problem

Why Doctors And Patients Talk Around Our Growing Waistlines Many patients say their doctors don’t spend enough time, if any, talking with them about losing weight. But doctors often complain that when they do bring up the issue, nothing changes. Lisa Flowers says weight is something more »

Girl Scouts vs. Health and Fitness

Today is a much needed rest day for me — I’m sore! Not over crazy sore but definitely a good day to rest. What’s crazy is that I miss the gang though — that’s part of the draw about CrossFit. You want to go workout more »

Kids are Getting Fatter!

Kids are getting fatter, and many will have to do some serious calorie cutting to avoid that fate as they grow up. That’s the grim news from a new study that looks at how children have become heaver since 1971. It’s not news that the more »

Get Your Kids Outside and Moving!

Too Few Kids Getting Outdoors With Mom or Dad Nearly half of all U.S. preschool-age children don’t get outdoors at least once a day for parent-supervised playtime, researchers reported Monday, causing concern among experts who say early exercise habits could protect children from obesity later more »

When you Know Better, you Do Better!

Here are 2 articles aimed at us parents! We give so much of ourselves making sure our kids have the right education, the right extra activities — how about we start with making sure they get exercise and eat healthy? Pay special attention to the more »

It’s Tough to Help Kids Lose Weight

Why is it so hard for kids to lose weight? “I have had to deal with teachers who hand out Skittles, candy bars, lollipops and giant frosted sugar cookies to the children in class … before 10 a.m.,” McDonald says. “I think this is setting more »

Drastic Weight Loss Measures Endanger the Young

As a friend on Facebook said – I think people have SERIOUSLY lost their minds. Young, obese and getting weight loss surgery Though Shani Gofman had been teased for being fat since the fourth grade, she had learned to deal with it. She was a more »

CrossFit and the Virginia Earthquake

Ok I’m not going to lie — I freaked out yesterday during the earthquake a bit. I was at my desk on the 6th floor and I felt the bldg adjust. I said to Tiffany, an intern here for a few more weeks — what more »